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  • Hi, please can somebody break down for me the two different ways of selling shares of a player? Thanks

  • Instant sell sells the player/future at the current sell price which is displayed next to current buy price. Football index set this price which is always lower than the players current value. This price changes depending on demand for the player. Ie if a player is rapidly decreasing this is likely to be quite a bit lower than current buy price.

    Join the sell queue basically puts your futures for sale on the market at the current buy price. You have to wait your turn to sell as others who put their futures for sale before will be ahead of you in the queue. The problem with this is whilst you're waiting for your turn the players value can decrease as others are selling ahead of you.

    Either way you pay 2% commission to the index.

    Hope this clears it up a little. Takes a while to get your head around it.

  • So with sell queue is the players current value is £1 and you put 100 futures up for sale before I put 100 up for sale. I have to wait until someone buys your 100 before mine can be sold.

    Also selling 100 futures decreases the players value by 1p so I will receive less for my futures than you.

  • @Zedi thanks for the advice. I think i'll just sell the traditional way. Seems less hassle

  • I nearly always sell via instant sell and take the price reduction into account. I'm not 100% sure on the comment about instant sell being based on number of sells. It just seems to be the more expensive a future the larger the instant sell variance...i've seen somewhere its an extra 2% variance set by FI but I've never checked that out.

  • @ACBlue if you look at players such as ibra when he got injured and everyone started selling the margin on instant sell was a lot lower than it was when he was moving up.

    FI aren't stupid. If people are dumping shares they increase this margin. There have been discussions about this already as there is no cap and they can offer whatever they like.

  • @Zedi

    That's interesting to have confirmed. Different to what I've seen written before but not disputing.

    Will bear that in mind in future! Thanks.

  • @Zedi

    This is news to me. Is this true? I assumed all instant sells are subject to an additional 2.6% - 2.8% deduction due to rounding differences.

  • @Sagenode

    This was my understanding too but @Zedi seems pretty confident, which I'm not. Be interesting to have 100% confirmed by FI though.

  • alt text

    Lukaku is £6 instant sell is 16p lower
    Neymar is £5. 28 instant sell is 14p lower
    Ronaldo is £4.69 instant sell is 15p lower

    Lukaku is £1.31 more than Ronaldo but instant sell is only 1p more and neymar is 1p less.

    This is only a small example as Ronaldo is only suspended but when something major happens such as major injury this margin increases dramatically. Unless they have changed it recently but the numbers above show there is no fixed percentage.

    Unless I'm completely wrong but this is the way I see it.

  • alt text

  • @Zedi

    Looks pretty conclusive to me.

    Cant help but think its a bit of an odd way to do it though. A fixed percentage makes more sense to me.

  • @ACBlue

    That would make sense and many traders have asked for a cap. Because with a situation like ibra getting injured and everyone rushing to sell FI can set pretty much whatever instant sell price they want because you have no other option as no one is buying so sell queue becomes useless. Hopefully there won't be too many situations like that again.

  • @ACBlue @Zedi
    It's as I said in my previous post. The deduction is 2.75%. The slight differences in percentages, as I stated previously is due to rounding.

    Please see below:

    Player Buy Sell %age Deduction Total Match Buy Price
    Lukaku 5.99 5.83 2.75% 0.160325 5.990325 0.000325
    Sanchez 5.3 5.16 2.75% 0.1419 5.3019 0.0019
    Messi 5.27 5.13 2.75% 0.141075 5.271075 0.001075
    Neymar 5.26 5.12 2.75% 0.1408 5.2608 0.0008
    Kane 5.16 5.02 2.75% 0.13805 5.15805 -0.00195
    Ronaldo 4.69 4.54 2.75% 0.12485 4.66485 -0.02515
    Hazard 4.31 4.2 2.75% 0.1155 4.3155 0.0055
    Pogba 4.3 4.19 2.75% 0.115225 4.305225 0.005225
    Griezmann 3.01 2.93 2.75% 0.080575 3.010575 0.000575
    Mane 3.01 2.93 2.75% 0.080575 3.010575 0.000575
    Aguero 2.78 2.71 2.75% 0.074525 2.784525 0.004525
    Mkhitaryan 2.6 2.53 2.75% 0.069575 2.599575 -0.000425
    Dybala 2.37 2.31 2.75% 0.063525 2.373525 0.003525
    Ozil 2.23 2.17 2.75% 0.059675 2.229675 -0.000325
    Suarez 2.22 2.16 2.75% 0.0594 2.2194 -0.0006
    Firminho 2.02 1.97 2.75% 0.054175 2.024175 0.004175
    Aubaneyang 1.99 1.94 2.75% 0.05335 1.99335 0.00335
    Van Dijk 1.95 1.9 2.75% 0.05225 1.95225 0.00225
    Barkley 1.93 1.88 2.75% 0.0517 1.9317 0.0017
    Sterling 1.82 1.77 2.75% 0.048675 1.818675 -0.001325
    Draxler 1.45 1.41 2.75% 0.038775 1.448775 -0.001225
    Falcao 1.36 1.32 2.75% 0.0363 1.3563 -0.0037
    Walcott 1.08 1.05 2.75% 0.028875 1.078875 -0.001125
    Costa 0.7 0.68 2.75% 0.0187 0.6987 -0.0013
    Perez 0.64 0.62 2.75% 0.01705 0.63705 -0.00295
    Wood 0.53 0.52 2.75% 0.0143 0.5343 0.0043
    Moses 0.5 0.49 2.75% 0.013475 0.503475 0.003475

  • Apologies for the layout, but you can copy this data onto a google spreadsheet to view more clearly. Or Excel but you'll need to split text to columns.

    Hope this clarifies the instant sell!

  • Thanks @Sagenode . Shame this is open to debate and FI don't have it defined somewhere.

  • @ACBlue Yes, I also think it would be handy to have it defined and set in their terms. Else, FI could potentially increase this without warning.

  • @administrators any chance of having this clarified?

  • Should have promo days when you dont have to pay 2% comission when selling.

  • Or what about a rake back every month like you have in poker. Every player you sell you get points which reverts into cash at end of month

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