Logging on abroad

  • Thought I saw someone say on twitter that they were banned from the index for logging in abroad. Is this serious? I have a few holidays coming up and need to know if I need to be proactive before.


  • I’m pretty sure the app doesn’t work abroad but using Safari it should

  • @LG The license/s FI have will only allow them to operate in certain jurisdictions, so depending on where you go they “should” block you from either logging in at all, or placing any bets (I’m presuming this covers any activity - selling as well as buying).

    If FI do let you trade from a territory not covered by their license, that’s an issue for FI and not you. So you personally would not be banned.

  • I use the app on iPhone , i been away twice abroad and noticed if you logged on to the app it still works . Don’t sign out , once you do then u can’t log back on via app . I also able to log on using my internet browser on the football index website . Hope this helps

  • There is a clause in the T&C saying they can ban accounts used abroad. I think this is mostly for anyone who is a foreign national though as I've heard anecdotes of people having accounts blocked and then contacting FI saying they were on holiday etc. And didn't realise.

  • I'm off to Spain tomorrow for a weeks holiday so I hope I can still trade if I need to.

  • If you are travelling abroad let Customer Service know by sending an email to support@footballindex.co.uk, they will put a note on your account. This will stop your account getting closed. As we are only licensed in the UK, Ireland & Sweden you cannot trade outwith these countries.

  • @FI_Tom Hi Tom, hope you're well, does this include logging in via whatever means or is the account suspension only triggered by trading from foreign shores?

  • I’ve been away and logged in to monitor the index whilst I’ve been abroad, but never actually traded from abroad. So it’s fine for logging in as far as I’m aware but I don’t want to risk it

  • @Agatello I believe the compliance team can see all but I'd recommend dropping CS an email to be safe

  • That’s useful information, is ok to log in to check portfolio from abroad as long as CS is informed and no trades are made then, got the summer holidays covered although it would be very hard to resist hitting those buy/sell buttons once logged in!

  • You can check on your account but if you make a trade you will get a email to say your ip is not within the uk and trades will be blocked till you get back home

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