IPOs - Bank Holiday Columbia

  • Some interesting looking ones here. Anyone think any of these might take off.
    I definitely feel there is some value there.
    Tottenham links with Wilmar Barrios, he’d be my pick to fly! Good young strong player at a modest starting price. A good WC and a Prem move would mean a steep rise!
    Zapata has been around the block and is in a PB league with Milan. Could rise?
    Quintero, Aguiro and Córdona all have heir place in this strong Colombian outfit.
    Couple of strikers, although not sure they will get much WC time with the big guns in the squad.
    What’s peoples thoughts I might be horribly wrong!

  • Fabra Everton and Uribe Madrid!!

  • Barrios jumped a fair bit but feel there is more value there.
    Uribe I’ve just seen at 44p. That is good value I think he has started the last 2 games! Good WC and transfer rumours. Thoughts anyone?

  • @R9Kennard

    I think he'll probably start for Colombia, looks like he's had a very good end of the season. Scored 11 goals for his club from midfield but looks like they all came in or after February. Colombia weren't too good in qualifying but got to the quarters last year and could get out of a group that has Japan, Senegal and Poland in it. 48p now but if he does goes to Real Madrid then he would be unreal value for his dividend potential.

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