Number of futures

  • A bit of advice please.
    I currently only have £300 to play with and keep chop and changing which is costing me.

    The question is do I spread my risk and buy multiple of player (10 futures of each) or go with less player (50 futures of each) ?

  • Up to you .... risk v reward

    I tend to max out at 10% of budget per player as a maximum

  • @mike778 sound advice to me

  • The sensible thing to do is to spread your risk and diversify. But ...

    If you just go for one guy and he doubles in value then you double your entire budget. On the flip side then if he busts his leg you could lose half your value. So very high risk but potentially much higher reward.

    For me , like I said I like 10-20 players with an absolute max of 10% on one player.

  • @Lizzle very similar budget. Taken a while to build up. Have a big holding in Reus(70). Which has finally got back to breaking even, although think he will rise big time during the WC. I also own Bale at just below 6.00 (10). I’ve got a floating amount which I use on IPOs and sub 1.00. Going to start getting MB players 10 at a time to build a profile MB and PB is the way forward for me. Everyone has their own way!

  • Perhaps more than a set amount of futures work in terms of money, set a budget for a player and buy as many futures you can afford with that?

  • @R9Kennard

    I can't get near an IPO player for his price.

    I find he rockets up within seconds.

    Do you not find the same?

  • @Comrade normally quite good. Not bang on but do alright. At the end of the day profit is profit, whether that be 1.00 or 28.00(the range I’ve had in profit). And then there is, on occasion, the odd loss! Win some, lose some! Half full or hall empty

  • As others have said it depends on your tolerance to risk.

    Personally I would spend the whole £300 on a single high value player (someone who is likely to deliver plenty of MB and PBs over the next six months) and then use the dividends to diversify by buying cheap young talent or players who are potential premier league transfer targets.

    In the short term this is risky - i.e. if your high value player gets injured, but i think it’s a good way to kick start a portfolio and the risk reduces as you diversify.

    Alternatively you could pick two high value players and do the same.

  • Stay clear of transfers and invest in the new season now.

  • I have put £1000 into this, and have spread this across 27 players. These include Neymar, Mbappe, De Bruyne, with 15 to 20 futures in each, cost dependent. The cost of my players range from 50p to as above. I have ones for the future, ones for a quick profit and others for MB and PB, and currently I am running in the green, some go down but always recover. Any large increase in a player is usually met with me watching it and then sell when i think the time is right. As a large increase in 24hrs usually levels out back near its usual position, bank the profit and buy into someone else. Always keeping my portfolio cost at around £1000 and watch the value increase nicely.

  • @NewUser60527 why do you say steer clear of transfers?

    I understand the logic of not going for Fred now, or some other player where the transfer is already priced in, but if there's one who hasn't had links yet it could still be worth it?

  • @RobD I reckon there's still money in transfer targets but I think a lot of the obvious ones are premium priced now. I think you'd have to take a punt on possibles which I'm sure there will be a few surprises before August.

  • @Stevo

    Andre Silva for example is £1.50 and if the Wolves rumours are true, he should hit £2 as the transfer nears completion.

    ( Yes I hold him)

  • @ocs123 I think there's possible gains win transfer rumours so the day through but itsjust being lucky enough to pick the right ones. Rumours today are about lewa and icardi. If either come to the PL they will probably rise at least another £1 each.

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