Neymar/Ronaldo PB Winner?

  • Seeing a few various articles about Ronaldo going to PSG. Unsure what to make of it and if both were at PSG then I’d think it was obvious FFP virtually doesn’t exist. However, in the realm of possibility, if they were both at PSG (it both at Madrid even), who would you back to be the main PB winner out of the two? What do you think would happen to Mbappé‘s too?

  • @FranklynMary

    I can’t see it happening, unless Neymar goes the other way to Real Madrid.

  • Ronaldo won't be at a team with another super star in same side his ego won't allow it this is why he wants to move,real spending big this year....he doesn't have to many options managers like klop and pep would never have such a non team player and psg is dangerous for him they can buy anyone anytime so that leaves 1 team for me man u

  • @Pat-Hiscock He will never play for Manchester United again. If he did and had 3 years there then that would be a fairytale, but he will never do it.

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