Bale price

  • As per usual I have a habit of buying players before they plummet and I have done the same with Bale. I’m worried he is going to go back to the £6 Mark or lower. Do you think this is people panick selling and will his price increase again to the £7.80 mark?? Should I hold out for another rise?

  • Looks like he's going to be up and down. I'd hold for the treble MB days. Bound to pick up some with the endless will he go to United or not chat

  • He's also worth keeping for PB potential when he plays regularly.

  • Never panic, fi is fickle just like football there's always opportunity to make money back at some point...😊

  • Personally I would hold on to him. Like one of the users said he will pick up MB. Bale is going to fluctuate alot during the window until something concrete is said wether he is staying or going. One thing you will always notice on FI, the price goes up dramatically on occasions and then drops dramatically , but it never drops below what he started at before the speculation . The Bale saga will carry on for a long time yet. I have him at £4.44 and didn't sell at £7.98 as I still feel when the real momentum gathers he will fly and in the meantime im happy collecting the MB. This is just my opinion I could be wrong.

  • @Gary2907 Agree. I got him at just over £5 and have held. There's no way he isn't going back up again soon.

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