Wednesdays IPOs

  • Looks a bit dire to me. Happy to be corrected.
    Asano looks to be the only one with value. Arsenal player just signed another loan for a season at Hannover.
    Gavranovic Has scored a few goals this season but can’t see him flying.
    Any other thoughts?

  • The problem with Asano is that he's unlikely to ever get a game for Arsenal, one of those puzzling ownership's which end up in loan after loan. Yeah he's just signed up with Hannover which means he's PB eligible next year and young enough to resurrect his career but lost his place in the Japan squad due to lack of playing time with Stuttgart which worries me for this WC (although has the manager been changed at the last minute, sure I saw a headline relating to that somewhere).

    Whilst on the subject of the Japanese (who are playing today at 11:15 if anyone subscribes to JapFootball.TV and wants to check them out) they're in a very solid group which I'd be amazed if they get out of but anything can happen in the WC.

    After scanning their recent lineups you simply can't put your hat on who's going to play for them, even Kagawa and Honda who you'd think would be nailed on have hardly featured.

    They do however have 3 PB eligible Midfielders with decent international strike rates in Genki Haraguchi and Takashi Usami (both just promoted to the Bundesliga with Dusseldorf) and Gaku Shibasaki from Getafe. Makino has a decent strike rate for a defender but is he worth a speculative punt for 3 games only (probably) and not guaranteed to start? Gen Shoji is apparently a late bloomer too.

    So G Haraguchi, Usami, Asano and Shibasaki do have valid future's on FI unlike some of the "just for the WC" bets we've seen coming on.

    With regards to the Swiss, Gavranovic did start and bag up against Panama but they've been playing useless Seferovic up front for the majority of games.... and more interestingly Blerim Dzemaili tucked in behind him. He missed a penalty for them not so long ago so he might have lost that duty but the Swiss are no mugs and picking up a creative midfielder for them who's PB eligible isn't a bad idea, not the most enticing starting price of 50p for a 31 yr old journeyman but for me probably represents the best value today.

  • @Agatello

    Although I'm completely against the practice of signing promising youth players on long term contracts, I don't see it as puzzling. It makes business sense.

    They will be making money loaning the players out every season and the parent club probably won't even be paying the wage bill. If they improve, they can sell at a profit. If they fade into obscurity, the team will just run the contact down on loan after loan, more than likely still making a profit on the player from the yearly loan fee.

    Courtois is the prime example. I don't know the specifics, but Atletico were paying Chelsea millions (which increased every season). Van Ginkel and Kennedy are other examples.

  • @johnboywalker I was always under the impression that the parent clubs usually continue to pay half of the players wages in a loan deal?? Either way the puzzling comment was relating to the sporting side of things rather than suspect profiteering using players as assets with minimal interest in using them themselves.

    We could discuss the ethics of running football clubs as businesses until the cows come home but it won't make Asano anymore valuable ;-)

  • @Agatello

    My understanding is fees/wages are all negotiated between clubs.

    I think the days of ethical football clubs disappeared long before I showed up on this planet.

    Returning to the topic at hand, I don't even have a clue who asano is.

    Admittedly, I've jumped into this chat and changed the subject, so I'll disappear back into the shadows and perv from afar.

  • @johnboywalker Ha brilliant. Is that calling lurking and hasn't been outlawed yet? Possibly comes under the Freedom of Vision act 1976. ;-)

    Asano is a Jap kid on loan from Arsenal, he did get a 6p rise so well done to anyone who managed to make a cheeky £5er for 20 seconds work. However I predict he won't feature much for Japan as they go out with a whimper and I'll be mildly amazed if he does anything major for Hannover next season but you never know :-)

    Honda's a class act for Japan, just a shame he's gone to Mexico.

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