Last 3 months Dividends % return.

  • I’d be interested to know how other traders are doing in terms of overall dividends percentage return. I’ve calculated this for ease by just using the last 3 months dividends divided by the total current cost of the portfolio As at today, so includes deposits plus reinvested dividends.


    March 2.1%
    April 1.9%
    May 2.5%

    Obviously the March and April figures are slightly lower as I have invested more since then, both with deposits and reinvested dividends. Overall this is a great return and I hope to achieve 25-30% return on dividends alone over the first 12 months.

    About my portfolio: total 45 players, hold all the top 10 players for media buzz, hold players who are likely or have already been transferred to big clubs. Then hold players like Sane, De Bruyne, Mbappe and Asensio who are all young and should get better with age.

    How is everyone else getting on? It would be good to know your experience and what type of portfolio you hold.


  • March - 2.63%
    April - 1.77%
    May - 1.22% to date, will go up as Salah and maybe Ronaldo should pick up divs tonight.

    Obviously investment, same as you, investment in April and May has had an impact.

  • Last three months have been very good for dividends

    Mar - 3.63%
    April - 3.65%
    May - 2.93%

  • Mb or pb?

  • March .90%
    April 2.51%
    May 3.79%

  • Mar - 3.7%
    Apr - 1.9%
    May - 3.9% with some to pay for today

    My portfolio is heavily skewed towards MB hence the bigger returns in Mar and May!! Would be interesting to work out a split of divs between MB and PB!Should have recorded this as I went along really ...

  • In total I've taken almost 20% of my overall investment in dividends (5months). Most of this in Salah to be fair as I didn't start targeting MB until march.

  • @John-Renwick that man is a media magnet

  • Mar - 2.75%
    Apr - 2.29%
    May - 3.17%

    In the last few months, I restructured my portfolio so that 80% of my total holding is in Neymar, Salah, Ronaldo and Messi, so the bulk of my dividends have come from these guys, I quite like the fact that I can for the most part ignore these holdings and enjoy a nice passive income which will be supplemented by 1 or 2 price rises in my lower value holdings, for the longest time, my portfolio was purely sub £3 players and I was jumping from trade to trade often getting burned, this approach suits me a lot better now and this is the way I will carry on for the foreseeable future

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