Marcano - Tip (no strings or pumping devices attached.)

  • If anyone is looking for a defender with a defender with an impeccable goal scoring record for next season (non WC related) then you might want to consider Ivan Marcano who's just moved from Porto to Roma.

    10 goals in the last 69 games. Say no more.

    I don't deal in pump n dump and I don't stress about red and green. I will reassess his value at the end of next season (barring injury) and by that time the market will have adjusted his price accordingly to whatever that may be but thought he's a cracking price and thought I'd alert you all to his potential even though he's 30 (so old).

  • @Agatello

    I will have a dabble, nothing ventured nothing gained.. had a quick look up and looks good value

  • Thanks - and perfect opp to see if the forum can move the market!

  • Well if you benchmark him against Fazio and Manolas there's a lot of value there.

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