Pione Sisto

  • Shamelessly pumping one of my players here. But don't plan on dumping. Admittedly never seen him play but mentioned in all the 'players to watch' and 'potential WC breakthrough player articles.
    Cheaper than most other players these articles mention even though playing for a team expected to get out of their group, plays for a PB league club already and has prem league links.
    There are players who are playing with teams who have no hope of getting out of group and play in none PB leagues who are much higher priced.
    Sale pitch over. Obviously do your own research but I think this guy is a bargain!

  • @TommyT - I've only seen Sisto play once, but his direct running and presence is pretty impressive.
    I've sold out now after picking him up a few months ago, but he's definitely got ability.

    Don't think he will be a World-Beater, but given the chance, he could get a goal or two in the WC.

  • Although I've not watched him much I did hold him very early doors last season based on his assist record, however he never really got anywhere near PB so I sold up, may restrict his price.

  • What are his PB scores like

  • No wins, 2 scores over 150 since Jan 1st. High of 183 which included a GWG. So not great.

    Other than starting a thread about him ;-) his increase will come from a move to a bigger club / EPL transfer news.

    He's definitely a creative / exciting player and will not be a bad hold, might just take a little while to get a decent return % unless of course he tears it up at the WC

  • Exactly. I'd say for a lot of players their FI-value comes from putting in a good WC performance and getting transfer rumouts with big clubs pushing their price up, rather than necessarily being brilliant for PB... of course doing both is ideal!

  • Hit & miss when i've seen him play (not that often) - seemed to drift in and out of the game but he obvs takes the odd chance here & there. Guaranteed a stellar WC now i've said this!

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