• Does anyone know anything about Bourigeauds recent rise? - can't find much online

  • @pwp24 could be me buying a few hundred 😂

  • @Noirx4 profit taking suddenly seems like a plan for me!

  • I'm finding all these rises in PB players for next season really surprising, and a bit frustrating as a lot of these players were on my list! Perhaps it's a bunch of people sacking off the World Cup and transfers cause of the volatility? Just seems way too early.

    Bourigeaud for example has had some great PB scores, but he's already 24p more expensive than the highest he was during last season and won't have a chance of dividends for 2 months. Unless I've missed some transfer links of course...

    PB players prices seemed to drop for the 3 week international break in March but this summer they've remained stable or risen a fair amount. Really didn't see this coming. Thankfully I'm pretty happy with my portfolio of WC/Transfer players but gonna have to rethink my strategy for next season and what good value looks like. Suppose that makes sense, the footie has nearly doubled since I joined in Dec 2017.

  • @Jazzman I think that's prob what's happening. People are likely buying now before the rises in PB players down the line.

    It was mentioned before but buying Italian/Dutch players might be an option too, whilst they're out of the limelight.

    Examples of poss buy low - sell high strategies really

  • Good PB , still cheap, young and Rennes are in Europa League I've stocked up on him and Ismaila Sarr (who has WC too)

  • @Indexical cheers, i should've caught the EL connection to the rise

  • I'm buying pb for next year because I'm crap at transfer chasing so no point losing in that game. I'm happy to sit out the summer waiting for my pb players to kick in. Although some have accidentally won some mb too which helps

  • yeah I'm partly to blame. I bought a load for potential pb and anticipated capital gains increases next year

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