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  • What do you guys think of Sporting players starting to release their contract?
    After they have been attacked by fans in their own academy, Rui Patricio has released his contract yesterday. Other players like William Carvalho, Gelson Martins, Bruno Fernandes, Battaglia and Acuna can follow him. All players with potential to play in the Premier League.

  • @NewUser134054 it's definitely an interesting situation, I've seen Bas Dost increase in price since then but not sure if the 2 things are intrinsically linked!

  • I held Carvalho (at around 0.60) back in Jan on the news that West Ham at the time were interested (and i expected him to be going to the WC).. It was a slow burner for 3 months but now the gossip has started again and he should feature heavily for Portugal i think he's still a snip at 1.07. Problem being is anyone playing in Portugal misses PB so if you want in get in now and if they're still at Sporting come Sep you may be holding an investment that does less than perhaps it would elsewhere? I got out at 1.00 so 0.40 profit per share (less FI Tax) but it felt slow and labourous compared to other investments.... Key is from Sporting... Where they end up?

  • @Agatello Bas Dost has been linked to AC Milan as well. He is definitely another player who could go ahead with releasing his contract. He was attacked with a belt by one fans on that academy attack. 2 players have resigned so far: Rui Patricio and Podence (young player with potential not on FI yet)

  • @NewUser134054 Yeah I'm holding Dost, his last spike seemed to be a reaction to Milan rumours. He could go anywhere with his goal scoring record. Perhaps a bit too speculative for some but I think he's mega cheap, would see decent growth if he ends up in any PB league which I think is pretty likely.

  • I rate Bruno Fernandes quite highly but I had bought 500 shares in him at 70p ish and sold for £1.60. He also made me a healthy profit in dividends. Bast Dost is the only player i see worth investing in rn because of his cheap price. The others will go down quite abit if they don't make moves to the premier league.

  • Got gelson martins. Think he's worth the risk as he's one who could really shine at the WC and get a big move

  • Martins is your man here, WC bound £52million release clause - Arsenal rumoured.....

  • Maybe a free if reports are true about players being able to walk away from their contracts ;)
    Rui Patricio has already used it to his advantage.

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