Each Country's Star PB Player and Dark Horse

  • Great list. I like Trezeguet too but you have to search for Mahmoud Hassan if you want to buy him !

  • I've been recommending Meunier on another thread too. Could be a real threat

  • I'd add
    Portugal - Guedes
    Argentina - Lo Celso
    France - Dembele

  • @Agatello great work pal! I’m backing my man Reus!
    Also thoughts on England Lingard centre stage!

  • It was just something to stimulate discussion and was thinking others could do the same (although it wasn't a 2 minute job).

    There no right or wrong answers and Ronaldo isn't a PB monster in my eyes.

    I don't think Plattenhardt will start either but it's quite hard to pick a dark horse when their squad is riddled with Talent. I'd have gone for Hector but I doubt he'll leave Cologne and if that transpires he'd be an awful buy for a newbie who might resent my pick :-/

  • Loftus and Trippier are not definite starters for England

  • @NewUser148719 I'd argue trippier is, and loftus Cheek is meant to be the dark horse. So doesn't need to be a nailed on starter

  • Trippier will definitely start and he's pretty much on most set pieces, even on direct free-kicks with Young as the commentator predicted! and surely Young's resistance to go on his left is opening the door for Rose.

    Loftus-Cheek won't start I know that but there will definitely come a time when inspiration from the bench is required!

  • why do you share this info if you want ot be profitable give the players away seem stupid

    why not give the people a business plan you have to make you loads of cash

    i did my research weeks ago but it seems silly to publish this when you have 10 days or less to buy

  • @NewUser61465 this is no different to a journalist doing a quick write up on each team and is completely subjective.

    If you spend enough time on Twitter and to a lesser extent the forum, you'll soon get tired of people eulogising over one of their holds because they're desperate for others to buy and then jump off the train with a little bit of cash.

    For me personally I do okay in life and it's not all about personal gain, I'm certainly not a hippy but if I can help someone else make a bit of money by offering some free help then what's the issue.

  • @NewUser61465
    I guess he was just contributing positively to a forum set up to discuss football index , by having some discussion about players. You don't need to read it if you're not interested!

  • @Agatello - this guys ipo reviews on the forum is top notch . His research saves us lazy people like myself haha . I find agatello contribution in the forum as very positive , he helps other out and not biased with his posts . Keep up the good work 👍

  • @FOF Cheers dude, on that note keep an eye on Nicolai Jorgensen today @ 12, decent strike rate for Denmark, EL eligible next season with Feyenoord but also rated at £20m and rejected £15m from Newcastle in the past few months. Could get a decent Xfer this summer.

    I've seen Schone mentioned and his stats are good for Ajax but he's getting on a bit and I don't think he'll outscore Eriksen in the Danish midfield. He'll no doubt get bought but wouldn't expect a rocket.

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