Thomas Lemar? Why the sudden drop?

  • Just seen he's plummeted nearly 30p per share. Can't really find anything that rings alarm bells?

  • Looks like he's off to atletico instead of the PL. No media buzz if that's the case and doesn't get massive PB scores either. Simple as that really.

  • He’ll rise back up if he gets plenty of minutes in the world cup, also if he doesnt sign for anyone before the world cup starts the transfer talk could drag on a bit.

  • Add to this that his long term suitors Liverpool are being linked with Shaqiri. If you include the signings of Fabinho and Keita (plus possibly Fekir) to the existing rabble, that midfield starts to look quite overcrowded, and maybe makes a move for him less likely.

  • Shaqiri is blatantly being pimped out by his agent trying to get a move he was linked to Southampton last week, now liverpool.

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