Changes of positions

  • Quite a few players have been re classified, they show on the iOS app but not on on the desktop / safari for some reasons
    Young, Moses, Diaz, hazard, Sane, Mane , William, Zaha, Son have changed position for sure and others such as James Rodriguez have gone blank (no position!)

  • @Ermejo
    Good spot on Brahim Diaz. Hadn't noticed him. Could be a good one for next season

  • If you listen to the pod I think they are redesiging the interface so hopefully all this stuff would be sorted then.

    Honestly I would rather they binned off positions and completely revamped sxoring system to figure out the best players full stop.

  • Son etc are still showing as midfielders for me.

    What is going on?
    What position is he?

    This is a bit of a shambles

  • So it looks like the players that changed position on the app are reporting under their old positions I.e expect Son to be a midfielder still. Willian was reporting under midfield and Moses was reporting as a midfielder too. Needs to be sorted out!

  • I did email FI for an update and asked if I should go by what's on the iOS app or on the desktop site. I got a very short reply basically saying they are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it. That was it, no timeline or advice on which platform to believe...

  • Just email support, the more mails they get the better, it has been flagged up to them and they are currently working on it

  • Hazard is a forward for me on the app and getting points as a forward on the live updates

  • And then on the flip side Ashley Young is a midfielder for PB but the App says defender?

  • Haz will be great as a forward. He got more PB points than Lukaku when Lukaku got a brace !

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