• Wots with quick rise in tielemans

  • People are realising he's basically Jesus.

  • Contemplated buying him the other day, pumped my money into Nketiah instead.

    Although he is rising as well so...

  • I'm pretty sure there is an organized group of people pumping money into the market. A lot of players have risen quite a bit today.

  • Roberto Martinez proclaimed him to be the future of Belgian football. Which I guess may imply he'll start in the WC. Also likely to get more responsibility in Monaco's midfield following the departure of Fabinho, and he still seems reasonably cheap.

    I don't own any but he's on my watchlist.

  • @NewUser136719
    Such assumptions on every player rise make me laugh, in this case he may have raised due to the Martinez press conference and some cases when a group may try to pump a player may occur however don’t forget the platform is growing and naturally as more money go in players will rise in value, sometimes at ramdom as one investor may decide to buy a bucket full of X player causing a spike

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