Who are you buying for next season and why?

  • So it seems the market is flying at the minute with people buying into players they think will shine next year?

    So my question is who is your picks and why?

    I'm very excited about Patrik Schick next season I think he will get a lot of game time at Roma after which wasn't his best first season at the club, also very interested to see what happens with Lookman at Everton next year

  • My ones for next season are

    Lo Celso

  • Maddison.look up the video his dad edited of him for Norwich this year!

  • Based on this season's PB scores, I have looked at players with an average baseline of over 100 and hit a PB of over 250 at least once, and price under £2.50 from that criteria I have picked:

    Ever Banega
    Leo Dubois
    Vincent Kompany
    Marcelo Brozovic
    Benjamin Bourigeaud
    Andre Kramaric
    Lars Stindl
    Raul Albiol

    Also bought into Koke and Dimitri Payet as both are good for a high PB score

  • I really think that with Robben and ribery at age, Kingsley Coman is a really good buy for next season. If he stays whitout injuries he will take the next step and becoming world class. Currently at 2 pound,

    Rony Lopes tare down ligue 1 with Monaco this spring and probably will continue next year.

    Theres more like Belotti and Sancho who will see great rise next season.

  • @NewUser135220 what makes you think belotti will rise? Do you reckon he's guna get a transfer?

  • @Stevo Probably not this summer but if he gets back 2 what he was like 2 seasons ago and starts scoring in the national team. right now its him and Balotelli as forwards. Then probably a Juve move will be highly possible

  • Keita Balde - for the WC and next year. Could be a star in both and looks a steal at £1,39

  • @Indexical
    And his international teammate Ismaila Sarr - WC and EL with Rennes. Still only £1.28

  • @Indexical I also hold Balde, been steadily rising over the last couple of weeks and I think he will go further

  • My shopping list for next season below, portfolio 70% ready, will just sell a few WC players and make some further additions

    PB based
    Lo Celso
    James Rodriguez
    Bertrand traore

    Other picks

  • @Ermejo

    Decent PB list although which Sane are you referring to? If Salif not Leroy then I agree

    Would add (and some of these also have WC/transfer bunce):


    More speculative PB options but all cheap as chips and playing for Euro Cup teams


  • Breel Embolo - absolute beast for his age and with Schalke in the CL next season he will surely keep rising plus PB contention. Also in Swiss World Cup Squad - a big tournament in Russia might have the big guns sniffing around.

  • @NewUser422 3 goals in 21 games ain't that good. I want to ask you a different question though. It says you are newuser422 which means you were the 422nd person to join FI. How many times over has your money grown since then. Have you since become rich from how much this has risen, or not?

  • @HappyLarry59855 Embolo was very unlucky with a bad injury shortly after he joined Schalke. Before that, Man Utd, Arsenal and many other teams were interested from his Basel days. He will be up there with the world's best within a year or two I have no doubts....as a forward or right winger.

    On to your other question, yes I joined FL very early on but was very skeptical at first. However, I put trust in the platform and mainly my gut feeling and experience in spotting potentially good players early on from the mid 90's! This platform helped me express myself and it's still growing! Massively!

    I've still got many shares in Neymar, from pre £2-3 days. Bagged Coman, O. Dembele,Lemar and Mbappe, Sane, Rashford, Sterling, Jesus early on and they still have massive potential. Still have Messi , Ronaldo and Kane from early days too. My greatest buy was my current best player - Dybala, at around .60-70p. Asensio also was a great early buy.

    I'm by no means an expert but I've had 3 holidays a year for the past 3 years all paid for by FI and still have my initial deposit intact. I've made some mistakes too, we all do (Ibrahimovic's decline, missed Salah's boat, perhaps spending my profits!) But if you minimise risk by diversifying plus believe in your instincts and stick to them, you might succeed. Depends how you like to trade. Hold long term like me or quick flip short to medium term. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different strategy. Mine is working for me.

    Like Embolo, I highly rate Ihenacho. Incredible potential for the future. Will surely move from Leicester soon and will bang in goals wherever he goes like he did at Man City.

    Last thing I would say is that you only make a profit once you withdraw it! It can slip away faster than you know! All it takes is a Santi Carzola injury. It can happen to ANY player!!

    Good luck

  • @NewUser422 Ok cheers. I've gone for young players too as I think they make most money and is coming true. I've deposited £11,300 in total. My portfolio was worth £14,000 on June 1st. It is now worth £14,800. I've made £100 a day out this thing this month. I have Dembele, MBappe and Rashford. I don't hold Lemar as he is £3 and Januzaj is 70p yet on the same level. Sane and Sterling I held 6 months and made nothing out of. I hold long term generally.
    For me I would have expected the first 1000 members to be well off by now, as if they deposited £10,000, I could see how players prices have gone up by 10x that over the past 2 years. I just wanted to get an idea from somebody who is one of the first few. I myself joined this Feb 2017 however left it. If I had deposited what I have now but then but with what I understand aswell then I could see my portfolio sitting at £50,000 now. I was an idiot who could possibly have made a different choice April last year and be doing well for myself also. Still, I'm doing well now, and am hoping there are more users yet.
    Canada, Sweden and UK all use FI. 100 million people live in those countries. Around 20 million people gambled in UK last year, 4 million online. All it takes is 25% of those to gamble on football using FI and that will 6x number of users.

  • @HappyLarry59855 av seen u mention januzai a few times and u think he's on same level as Lemar? I like to think av got a good knowledge of football am also unfortunately a sunderland fan 😔😤😭.....so have 1st had experience of him...truly awful player,

  • @Pat-Hiscock not a huge Januzaj fan but I'd hesitate to judge any player on how they played at Sunderland. The club is a basket case. No offense although as a Sunderland fan you probably have a good sense of gallows humour by now so wouldn't take any!

    Although absolutely no way he is in the same class as Lemar.

  • @Pat-Hiscock Watch him for Sociedad. He is a different player again.

  • J Rod for me. Returned me approx 20% in the last 6 months in pb divs. Gteed to start, gteed to win the Bundesliga, hopefully will get even more game time next season and as next season draws to a close there'll be transfer spec when his loan spell comes to an end. I see him as £6+ player. What's not to like??

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