• Surely Origi joining Wolfsburg on loan should increase his value? yet he's dropped and facing relegation. He will have more games in an easier league to score goals, he will get better.

  • Dropped out to 678 on the squad list.I have been asking for the team to be expanded from 200 to 300 players.Thi FI team is now to small in my oppinion as it grows with more investers coming in.It's in the FI interest as think of the extra commisions for sales.

  • @Chewbacker


    200 is a tiny sample. Would happily see this expanded and its win win for all.

  • An expansion would make it tougher to win dividends

  • What I'd like to see is the top 400 being able to win the PB/MB, but the entire squad is available for purchase.
    This serves two purposes:

    1. Enable traders/investors to spot (young) talents
    2. More competition for PB wins (but not too much more) - enabling both us and FI to profit.

    Yes, it will be tougher to win PB divs, but as a trader you can proactively move your portfolio accordingly, and more often.

    Slightly off the topic of Origi.

  • @Sagenode

    Plus 1 from me

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