Viva Mexico - Dos Santos vs Fabian - lunchtime conundrum!

  • Just noticed that post launch Marco Fabian and Giovanni Dos Santos have settled at the same price of 55p.

    Comparing the two.

    29 yrs old.
    LA Galaxy (post WC ineligible for PB without Xfer)
    Strike Rate for Mexico 19 goals in 104 games (1 : 5.5)

    28 yrs old
    Eintract Frankfurt (8th in Bundesliga 17/18)
    Strike Rate for Mexico 9 goals in 38 games (1 : 4.2)

    Does that make GDS overpriced, or MF good value? you decide.

  • @Agatello

    I've decided they are both Mexican flumps.

    And for that reason. I'm out.

  • @johnboywalker GDS definitely failed to live up to his hype with the mighty Spurs but this Fabian fella does seem to know where the net is everywhere he's been. He's came off the bench in the last 2 games which isn't that appealing, although he does have the safety net of actually being PB Eligible next season.

    Might have to keep a close eye on the little chihuahua!

  • @Agatello

    Haha, is he one of those really fast Mexicans ... 0_1528464654228_Screenshot_2018-06-08-14-30-21.png

  • Amazing similarity, just not quite as popular.

    I've just noticed that GDS is now 4p more.... I really do struggle to see the logic in that one but hey ho

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