Emre Can

  • One to watch in my opinion. Playing really well and in a team which will score a lot of goals, with him likely to be playing further forward this year.

    Also going to be in the news re his contract situation and interest from Juventus

  • Yep he is interesting.If he does not sign a new deal before december there will be a lot of interest in him come January.

  • Im not convinced he'll be deemed fashionable enough to win media buzz even with a move to Juve, not when you consider coutinho barkley van dijk etc will all be linked everywhere again.

    In the PB its hard to see him outscoring other MFs.

    All that said, he is a decent player and i like him but not convinced he's a fortune maker on FI.

    Opinions only, of course.

  • @ACBlue Your bang on there.The MF's on PB is very competitive.

  • Absolutely love the guy, but i'm thinking the Ox will take many of his starts...

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