Def/Mid/Fwd PB

  • Which position do you prefer to hold for PB and why ?

  • @Kndybrzilnmesi defenders they're undervalued

  • If you want higher returns you should go for thespfenders as they are cheaper and offer a greater ROI potential
    If you prefer a safer less rewarding bet you should opt for most of the top team strikers as they are likely to score loads and return di is during the season
    Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann, Dybala, you name them, they should all win a few PB during the season and forwards have less competition due to smaller numbers of them on the pitch (hence their higher price, they also tend to dominate MB)
    There are offcourse exceptions, Lukaku - Morata being 2 good examples of poor PB strikers at top teams
    With defenders especially is a bit less predictable as they may have a good base but they rarely score goals, any defender who gets a GWG with his team keeping a clean sheet is in with good chances of winning
    Again exceptions there with the Man City CB dominating last year (Otamendi in particular)
    I tend to spread the chances by selecting players from all 3 positions, don’t hold too many of one players so I can buy others and increase the chances of getting regular returns albeit smaller than going all in on a fewer players

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