Advice: Frenkie DJ

  • Advice for a newcomer please! Picked up Frenkie de Jong early (now +£7.50). Do I sell during price spike or hold given his age/talent and potential?

  • @NewUser149705
    That's down to you and the reason you bought him.
    These are things you need to think about with your trades. What was the reason you purchased him in the first place? For next season? For transfer rumours? For potential to see where he ends up in 3 years? I believe you should stick to whatever you originally bought them for. But also, has he got a reason for his price to increase? Has he got a reason for his price to decrease?
    And furthermore, saying you're £7.50 up is irrelevant to me as I don't know how many shares you have got in him and what his original price was. Look more at the ROI percentage instead of how much profit you'd make.
    And finally, if you sold him, what would you do with that money? Is there someone else who can make you more money back? Do you need that money?
    All things to take into consideration :)

  • Thanks, sound advice. 30 shares @ 1.20, now worth 1.45. I’m playing a long game so I guess that answers your question (and mine!)

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