Tuesday 11th June - IPO's worth writing about

  • Been a bit quiet recently but it's hard to find the motivation to do a write up when faced with a herd full of players that are never going to grace the top 5 leagues. Can't blame FI for that as they've stuck to their promise of getting all WC players onto the Index and in the process I'm sure masses of you have an unknown lurking if your PF's ready to hopefully rocket!!

    So on to tomorrow; where we see an influx of talent coming in.

    First up on the list is a youngster getting rave reviews at Liverpool called Curtis Jones, "the next Stevie G" tag is being touted about and from what I can see from limited information he could be Index gold being a goalscoring all action midfielder. I think there will be enough Liverpool fans on the Index to ensure 40p will no doubt double and maybe more tomorrow morning.

    West Ham have finally seen sense and got rid of Schmoyes and his whacky Evra investments and have turned to Spurs old boy Ryan Fredericks, a pacy fullback coming in at 50p. It's a little high to get excited about but Declan Rice's price of 76p should be a decent gauge.

    Ignoring the keeper we then have Kevin Long from Burnley, the Europa League and their hardened defence is something not to be ignored, he does have an eye for goal so based on that I'd suggest benchmarking him above 70p mark of Ben Mee.

    Next up is Sorloth the new Striker at Palace, with Benteke's exclusion from Belgium's WC squad and what appears to be a slowly diminishing career can Sorloth steal his Thunder. Not sure on this guy really, he seemed very willing when he played against us near the end of the season but didn't show that much quality imo.

    That brings us up to the Lunchtime batch and hold on to your seatbelts as we have Rodrygo coming on at 80p, seems a pretty steep starting price BUT if you look at Vinicius Junior's price of £2.39 it show's that traders are dying to get their hands on the next Neymar. I expect a frenzy on him tomorrow.

    Arsenal's new 6ft 4 defender, Mavropanos at 60p first of all appears quite high but he earned rave reviews vs Utd and if Emery like's the look of him that will most certainly rise in due course. Eevn Chambers is 70p and Mavropanos has hit 3 goals in 16 games for his previous side albeit at a much lower standard.

    I'm sadly old enough to remember George Weah in his pomp and if his US international son is even half the player he was, then 50p will be a steal. He started a game for PSG at the end of last season and I'm not sure who their cheapest attacking force is but I'm confident it's much higher than 50p, expecting a huge rocket here.

    If Diego Dalot IPO'd a few weeks ago I dare say he'd limp in at 20p with no buyers, roll on a few weeks and up steps Mourinho heaping praise on their new purchase. It's hard to gauge his value on such limited data but early indications suggest he could amongst the goals, especially if Utd start playing more attacking football. I suspected he might IPO about 60p and suspect he'll settle around the 80 to 90p mark.

    Ante Coric has been labelled as better than Modric and Kovacic at the equivalent time in their career's, don't know a great deal about him and given that he didn't make the Croatian WC Squad I'm surprised his IPO price is as high as 70p, however he's got a Wonderkid tag so we'll probably see him rise.

    Fulham being interested in Southampton's Matt Targett isn't enough to wow me coming in at 50p although he can play further up the pitch which could be a positive.

    One stark warning to people chasing the next big thing could be in the shape of Martin Odegaard, remember him? He's not long broken a metatarsal and hasn't looked close to breaking through at Real so a bit of a strange IPO really.

    For 10p less you could pick up Sergio Gomez, stolen from Barca he's now being nurtured at Dortmund in a similar way to our own Jadon Sancho. High hopes on this guy but you won't see him in action til 2019 I believe.

    If you're after someone for this season coming rather than next then Lebo Mothiba could be more appealing, finished the season well with Lille and could be a force for them come August/September, 60p seems a bit pricey though.

    Finally we have Matheus Fernandes, a 19 yr old playing for Botafogo, someone's clearly requested this guy but 1 goal in 52 games for Botafogo isn't going to make waves in the world of FI for me, especially at 50p.

    Enjoy the chaos tomorrow all! It's gonna be a wild ride!

  • Some great options tomorrow, but as always it'll be a massive fight to get anywhere close to IPO price. Great write up as always though and nice to have a few that people are more bothered about!

  • What time do they normally add these new players?

  • https://footballindex.news/tuesday-12th-june-ipos/

    They get released randomly during their allocated 2 hour timeslot... "usually" quite early within the slot.

  • What time slot is that then? From when until when? Or do we not actually know.

  • Unreal talents coming in tomorrow

  • @NewUser123670 Check the blog section mate, all IPO's listed there..

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