New Players futures introduced at 25p

  • ....right then...has anyone ever manged to purchase futures for 25p for new players introduced on Friday? I am ready to buy at 1pm and 1.15pm...the time I find the player to buy the price has already doubled or trebled in a matter of seconds........if you have how is it done?

  • Nope, I've given up, it is one of the most frustrating things about football index.

  • You're up against bots. It's in breach of FI terms but people are doing it for sure as so many people have tried to make money this way and failed. The best chance you have is using the Iphone app but unless you can refresh, press buy, choose number of shares and submit in around 0.2 seconds it's pretty much taking a gamble.

    I'd advise if you were gonna do it to only do it on a player you'd want to hold longer term and who you feel isn't gonna get relegated

    Feel free to experiment though and let us know if you can get a decent price!

  • If it was normal people using bots i'm sure it would be easy enough to catch them as the same people each week getting the promoted players then dumping seconds later. Surely they could ban them quick enough.

    I think its more an inside thing, family and friends of Adam Cole & others at the company using bots therefore not getting banned.

    I suspect this is why we also don't get activity history (just the last 3 or whatever it is). As we could work out for ourselves who gets the 25p bargains every week.

    It's all a bit dodgy.

  • @iwantmore I think this is pretty unlikely. They're trying to build a successful company & have a wide range of investors.

  • @NewUser85872 '''excuse my ignorance but what is bots?

  • @iwantmore sorry but to make that kind of assumption is unacceptabel. I have to defend FI: FI is monitored by the gambling comission and they do have a gambling licence. I m 100% sure that they dont do that and risk their whole project only for a few bucks.

  • Yeah I don't think FI are doing anything ropey but would like some sort of detail on how many investors get new players in the 25-50p range, as I've never heard first hand of anyone doing it!

  • @NewUser81547 Bots are automated programmes that can make trades for you. I don't really know the exact mechanics of how they work but they can trade instantly when an owner's command is triggered. They are used a lot on the traditional stock market and in sports trading

  • I've never seen a promoted player south of 75p.

    I'm convinced its bots cleaning up.

  • @NewUser38991

    I don't think it is unacceptable at all. Just because they are governed doesn't mean they can't get friends involved etc....

    I don't believe it is us normal punters with the bots as the accounts would get closed very quickly. So the people clever enough to make the bots would be shut down. So who does it leave with the bots??

    I'm not saying it is 100% from the inside but I don't know where else it would come from?

    I've been playing at bookies and casino's for just short of 10 years and they are very on the ball with rule breakers.

  • Why would the owners risk their entire company just to make a few extra pounds on a Friday? It doesn't make sense

  • But it also doesn't make sense that people manage to use bots everyweek without getting banned.

    The owners aren't risking anything. To anyone it's just users using their site. But the owners may have some sort of safe list of users not to ban. How could any commsion check out every person they know?

    I'm just guessing. The whole 25p promotions seems dodgy. No one ever steps up and says yeh I got some for 25p it's always above 75p before we get a sniff.

    I appreciate not everyone is not on the forum but I'm sure between here, Twitter and Facebook some one would of posted a pic saying finally got a 25p player or something like that.

    In the whole time it's been going no one has. I would love someone to post one and prove it's possible.

  • Who's to say that the people with bots are wise enough not to run them every single week? Or they don't buy both players, alternating the time i.e 1 then 1.15 the next time.

    Might be people with multiple accounts.

    Alternatively, whilst FI is very good there are enough glitches that occur that make me think they wouldn't immediately cotton on to a bot.

  • "The owners aren't risking anything" - they would be risking their reputation & potentially losing their license

  • @ACBlue

    Fair point ACBlue. I still think it would only be a select few people with the knowledge to create a bot. Meaning even it is was spread about it would be the same handful of accounts (even if they had multi accounts.

    I've searched the internet for bots and they arn't available for purchase etc (not for football Index). So just your average Joe blogs can't be using them.

    The speed it all happens though it has to be an automated system.

    Suppose we will never find out it who gets the bargains and how.

  • @iwantmore

    Wish I could code a bot!!

  • I don't see why FI would bother risking anything from the inside, when a player is relegated they gain from all of the unsold futures of that player, when a player is promoted and people buy futures in that player, they gain a minimum of 25p per future as they are the only people who are able to sell those futures as nobody else owns any of those futures.. i saw drinkwater rocket to £1.10 within a few seconds. This means atleast 8500 futures were brought within the fist few seconds of his release.. therefore I'm sure FI make a fortune just from one players promotion, there are two promotions per week, and obviously this is a weekly occurrence so in my personal opinion, they profit greatly as it is, so why would they risk everything they have built so far for a few extra pounds?

  • @NewUser48795

    8500 futures X 25p profit (at least) is £2125 then add the second promoted player.

    £4250 a week is not a few extra quid?

  • @iwantmore I assume FI hope to keep growing, expand overseas & list on FTSE AIM one day - they're not going to risk that trying to skim a bit of extra cash each friday

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