• I swear I just cannot win with these IPOs.

    2 Pages open, side-by-side.
    Left - constantly refreshing!
    Right Page - positioned nicely between £0.60 and £0.61.
    Martin O - Already typed in the search bar, all I needed was the "d" and it was sorted.

    Here's my thinking I was about to have a successful IPO. Saw Odegaard at £0.65 I don't get complacent. I jump at the Buy then Buy Max button...


    "Confirm Buy" was somehow MISSING???? It wasn't there and as I'm seeing this...the price of goes from 0.65 to 85 86 87 88 in about 3 seconds.

    I close the tab go in AGAIN and open the trade at £1.03 but quick movement took it to £1.13

    Now it's only because I think Martin Odegaard is worth between £1.8-£2.50 within the next year as he'll be returning to the RM camp after 30 June; and the fact that in next 2.5 years he'd be worth £4-7 easily; that is stopping me from flipping over a Lorry.

    I need Google Fibre FFS!

  • @NewUser126405
    Sounds the same as my Rodrygo earlier as I couldn’t select him and buy while at £1.50. Frustration at its best!

  • Blimey, the index is going to be chock block full of 5 quid players in a few years. Might need to be 7 quid plus to make the top 200

  • The answer is just don't buy players when they IPO. You rarely get a bargain so why the stress? Wait until they settle and buy when everyone else has forgot about them and they are ripe for a nice little rise.

  • I look and if they are over priced wait till later on when they get cheaper

  • Of the 4 ipo players I have wanted/watched the same thing has happened the price they first appear on my feed is the price they end up staying at....Ruben Dias 1/45mins constant refreshing appeared at 95p never moved same with weah Rodrigo and coric .......

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