• How about a small separate dividend for the now forgotten keepers? It seems a shame that they don't play much part in the index these days

  • Agreed, Buffon kept a clean sheet the other week and saved a penalty but still finished 70 or so points behind the top defender that day. Goalkeepers just simply will never win PB at all.

  • He's such a great keeper & de Gea is likely to have as illustrious a career but so difficult to justify buying them at the mo, other than out of principle

  • Agreed.Should be standalone PB points and divi's foe GK as its a completely different position to a DF.

  • Agreed.

    Without the introduction of keeper buzz they might as well scrap GKs as theyll all get relegated as nobody will buy them as there will be very little scope for return.

  • Are there enough goal keepers for this? I think the scoring strategy for goalkeepers could be tweaked slightly so that they can compete with defenders.

  • @Sagenode

    9 keepers, arguably not enough as they wouldn't play on same days necessarily.

    IMO this has to be introduced if/when the top 200 grows.

  • @ACBlue I think you're right - the index needs to grow so that there's more incentive to buy lower value players. Goalkeepers could then take a more prominent place with their own dividends

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