PLS help with MB/PB and dividend

  • Hi all. Firstly i would like to say that Im new (second week just start) here. I spent some time to find out whats going on and how this index work, made some research and really enjoy so far. I started with 10£ but its not worth it so i added another 40£ and i know that its still just drop in sea but slowly ill add more (target 1000£ in 5 months) and then things will look better (fingers crossed). Secondly(important) i would like ask all of you for help to choose players for MB/PB and dividend and little explanation why, what the reason is...I've problem with that?? I'll spend some money on "young players with future" but first wanna invest about 200-300£ for MB/PB and dividend players...i dont know whats better - buy 10 Neymar and 10 Pogba or maybe 15 single players?? pls help, thnx

  • @NewUser150805

    There are so many things to learn mate. Unfortunately, you will probably suffer as we all did when we first started. We all made rookie mistakes, but that's part of the fun. Live and learn.

    Right so two quick tips.

    Players that are amazing in real life aren't always good in the football index. Defenders/midfielders that play for possession dominating teams always score well. Hence the reason Stones and otamendi are expensive.

    You can find the scoring system somewhere in the FAQ pages. It's essential that you study this and understand how it works.

    As for media buzz, it's all uk media biased, and tends to be dominated by Liverpool and Man Utd stories.

    Outside of the UK, it's ronaldo/messi/bale and neymar that dominate.

    Oh and good luck.

  • @johnboywalker hi mate, thnx for answer....

  • @johnboywalker I'll learn and research how much i can of course... I don't expect that somebody write golden recipe from A to Z how,who,when etc but any chance for some suggestion, show the way how to do it etc?? thnx

  • i trawled through whoscored when i first started, looking for players with lots of goals, assists, passes etc. for potential pb buys.

    mb tends to be the usual faces but they could change a bit after the wc

  • @pwp24 yeap

  • @NewUser150805

    For next season, there are still a few players that are under 1 pound, who were pretty poor last season and i think can only improve. Gabbiadini is still only about 60p and probably worth a punt. A couple good games and his price will rocket. Same with yarmolenko at Dortmund. David Luiz at Chelsea (but he is now over a pound i think).

    The trick is to spot the next trend before everybody else does.

    For example, I noticed when the Argentina squad final 23 was announced, a guy called maxi meza was included. I'd never heard of him, but did some research and think he might even be a starter for Argentina. At 62p, it was a no brainer ... now about 2 weeks later, he is up to 95p.

    Another example ... loads of the top teams need new full backs ... so I invested in Phillip max, grimaldo, pavard, hector, mario fernandez, and others ... even if they don't move, the media links these players to the big clubs, so their price inevitably increases, and I then sell and make profit.

    My main advice is, don't jump onto a trend if it's already established. If a player has already increased 15p in a day, or a significant percentage over a month, leave him alone and just accept that the boat has sailed.

    Most players prices will fluctuate, the key to making money is buying and selling at the right time. Ageuro got injured at the end of the season and dropped about 25p ... so I decided to buy him at a low. Now he's back for the world cup and I'm up 30p per share ... it's all very much common sense and rational thinking.

    Hope this helps ... cheers.

  • @johnboywalker 😁 That's what I'm talking about, appreciate mate, thnx

  • Hi mate

    So I have invested 2,500 in total and it looks like this:

    I have 50 shares each in Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo and Salah, these bring in regular dividends which slowly build my portfolio, I aim for around £50 a month in dividends from these which is 2% ROI and they are far surpassing this target at the moment

    The rest of my portfolio is made up of players who score historically well on PB, I have used the spreadsheets that NoirX4FI sends out (he posts on here regularly and is also on Twitter with the same username) he charges £1 a month and the data is worth at least 10 times that to me

    So what I do with these players is select my players and only buy if they have dropped or are going through a period of stagnation

    At the moment I buy 60 shares in each, when I reach a 10% growth I sell 15, 15% I sell another 15 and sell the final 30 when I hit 20% growth, I may well be leaving profit on the table but this cautious approach keeps my portfolio building steadily and the 2500 I invested in October 2017 is now around 3200, baring in mind I only adopted this approach in the last couple of months and so most of the growth has occurred recently

  • @Wolves_Ay_We thnx, and well done mate 👍 the strategy looks good but unfortunately not for me cos I putted 350£only and I can't more at the moment 😕 but first I trying put together all info I can find here and HELP FROM YOU GUYS together and then build my portfolio on that. If I will see profit about 10-20% in 3monts(??) I'll invest more £££ but first study cos I made already mistake with I would like cancel!! Anyway slowly but in right direction 👍

  • @Wolves_Ay_We where I can find there sheets from him NoirX4FI, I saw that somewhere but can't find anymore??

  • welcome and good luck

  • Is the dividend deadline still at 2pm or is it later during the worldcup?
    I’ve bought Kolarov just after his freekick (2.15pm) and I am receiving dividend?

  • @NewUser129365

    No, it’s 2pm.

  • @NewUser150805 I'm personally seeing a growth of around 4-5% per month with the strategy I'm using, so you could potentially downscale on the numbers that I am holding

    My 4 main holds, are what I view as low risk, their current price is largely irrelevant to me as they just tick along paying regular dividends,

    The other holds are higher risk, but the potential is there for good profits if one or more blows up for whatever reason, you should let your tolerance to risk dictate your strategy

    In terms of the spreadsheets, if you email, he'll sort you out

  • @Wolves_Ay_We spot on mate, thnx a lot

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