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  • Hi guys my first night on this I have got a few mbappes because there was a tip on buying him for the world cup I just want to know how long they will stay in my portfolio and do you think it was a good starting out player? And any tips would be appreciated

  • @NewUser152230 diversifying is the key buy a variety of players. Also a lot of the money has already moved to next season's pb players so you are in the loop

  • @NewUser152230 Mbappe is a good purchase but you should anticipate holding him for a long time. Months or years. It's very difficult to make a quick profit on the expensive players because the spread (difference between buy and sell price) is so large.

    Be careful with buying just for the World Cup because there are a maximum of 7 games whereas over the next three seasons a player like Mbappe will be involved in 120+ games.

  • @NewUser152230
    Be aware of tips as some are purely to bump prices of players in order to dump them and move on to the next “tip”
    Always think about who you buying and why, Mbappe is in theory a safe long term hold due to his age, talent and team he plays although the has risen a fair bit of late and may drop if/when France get knocked out
    Welcome to FI and all the best, do read the forum if you have a chance as there is loads of useful info (as well as some garbage so always make your own conclusions)

  • @NewUser152230 Hi, I'm possibly one of the people you've seen mentioning MBappe. I think he's the best established 19 year old in the world which is why.
    MBappe and other futures stay in your portfolio for 3 years and then they are taken from you if you still hold them, so you should sell before the 3 years are up or lose everything and have no money.
    I think he is one of the good starting out players. I would suggest buying young talent for either MB, in which case go for players in the Premier League or linked, or players with a chance of winning PB. These are the players I go for. I do hold older players like Pogba and Neymar because they win MB or in Neymar's case PB regularly.
    Good luck mate.

  • I honestly would pick for the new season and try and wait until near it because the prices are going to be fluctuating like crazy with transfers and World Cup stuff.

    If you go in for the transfers then be prepared to be looking at football news literally every minute of the day because it changes that much with speculation.

    It all depends if you want quick money or more investment.

    Mbappe is a good investment, I put him in same bracket as Rashford although I will get panned for saying that. Rashford again is an investment, both are 19/20.

  • @NewUser60527 I hold Rashford.

  • A lot of value in players under a quid.

    I've made good profit on Pavard, Diop, De Ligt, Guebbles and many more.

    Visit the cheap player section on here. Lots of good tips on there.

    Word of caution, always do your own research.

  • My advice to you is read, read & read some more. Do your homework & watch your profits rise. Good luck.

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