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  • @FranklynMary I assumed Sunday's game would be on itv, my bad. 🙈. Always kinda had it in my head that the adverts would be on itv. Didn't even consider bbc. But yeah your right I guess.

  • @Wolves_Ay_We said in National TV Advertising:

    @Safri15 said in National TV Advertising:

    How about if I don't use twitter though? I've stubbornly never been a twitter user and don't really want to start.
    FI should be self sufficient, not rely on other platforms for anything (and I include things like having to use edge or noirx for historical data in that statement lol)

    As has been stated before, the stubbornness will only cost yourself, I wouldn't put a bet on a horse without looking at the form on the racing post, why would this gambling platform be any different?

    If you are putting money into something, its pretty essential you keep as up to date as possible. Twitter is a free easy to use resource with the majority of the FI community. You woukd have to be seriously nuts to avoid it.

  • @mike778 My portfolio has returned 900% since I started and haven't used Twitter once. I agree it can be a great tool but don't think it's essential.

  • @Denny When did you start? Likewise I also haven't used twitter.

  • Late 2015. Granted I got in quite early. The 999th user if the user IDs on these forums are anything to go by.

  • @Denny I think they are. I'm hoping to have 900% profit in 2 1/2 years too, in my dreams.

  • @Denny said in National TV Advertising:

    @mike778 My portfolio has returned 900% since I started and haven't used Twitter once. I agree it can be a great tool but don't think it's essential.

    Jus think what those returns would be if you used twitter!! ha ha

  • I'm going to contradict myself here a little, whilst I think twitter is a good tool, it is to be used with caution, there are a number of accounts on their just looking to pump players for their own gains; cough cough tax man, amongst a few others.

    Other good sources that I use are news now, which gives up to date news stories and you can often find a little gem of information by way of transfer rumour that has been reported by the local news which hasn't yet gone mainstream

  • @Wolves_Ay_We I never use twitter either and I feel my portfolio is rising as good as a lot of people's.

  • Has there been a football index advert on during the England game on itv as promised?

    I haven't seen it, but maybe I missed it ...

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Yeah good point did not see out myself

  • It's all lies there just trying to get more money before they disappear off to the Bahamas😱😊

  • It was on ITV hub apparently. Feels like a massive exaggeration by FI

  • Very disapointed by this, i have been planning to inject a good quantity of money into my portfolio off the back of progress in advertisement and the benifits it would bring to the market but i will hold off a little longer i think.

  • “On connected devices” so I assume online. However I watched on a fire stick online through their app and it wasn’t on there from what I saw...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Has anyone ever seen any threads on big football forums like Redcafe or redandwhitekop, they have gambling threads but I have never seen FI mentioned.....

    They could put a few adverts on those kinds of forums perhaps.

    Or FISO, its a big fantasy webpage with all the football fantasy games on like like Telegraph, EPL, Dream team ect ect.

  • I looked at fi 18 months ago but was put off by lack of advertising or any real info on company it looked a bit like a scam .......people still think this now, mainstream advertising would have reassured people this is legitimate....poor effort Adam cole😏

  • @Pat-Hiscock I agree. All that buildup that makes people think they're getting something big. It's like a kid expecting a playstation 4 for Christmas and then they get given a playstation 3 onstead. It's similar but less than what was to be expected.

  • Seeing a lot of pictures stating FI advertising boards are cropping up on London tubes and platforms. Been driving into London recently so can’t verify it...this is surely great if true, thousands and thousands see these everyday!

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