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  • Has anyone ever seen any threads on big football forums like Redcafe or redandwhitekop, they have gambling threads but I have never seen FI mentioned.....

    They could put a few adverts on those kinds of forums perhaps.

    Or FISO, its a big fantasy webpage with all the football fantasy games on like like Telegraph, EPL, Dream team ect ect.

  • I looked at fi 18 months ago but was put off by lack of advertising or any real info on company it looked a bit like a scam .......people still think this now, mainstream advertising would have reassured people this is legitimate....poor effort Adam cole😏

  • @Pat-Hiscock I agree. All that buildup that makes people think they're getting something big. It's like a kid expecting a playstation 4 for Christmas and then they get given a playstation 3 onstead. It's similar but less than what was to be expected.

  • Seeing a lot of pictures stating FI advertising boards are cropping up on London tubes and platforms. Been driving into London recently so can’t verify it...this is surely great if true, thousands and thousands see these everyday!

  • @NewUser64862 Yes at the Birmingham meet one of the announcements was for mass adverts on the London buses in time for the world cup, has anyone seen any ?

  • People were posting pictures on twitter of the advertisements on the buses. I myself have seen advertisements on the London tube for a long time.

  • @TheFearlessFox
    I did see a few buses, nothing on the tube as I rarely use it

  • Heard it on talksport this week and do see adverts on a few websites like whoscored. Hopefully thats reassuring for now :I

  • Just see the advert on itv hub

  • @TradingJournal
    Me too! Finally haha

  • @FranklynMary still haven't seen it and I've just been on ITV Player to watch the England game.

  • @HappyLarry59855
    I saw it on the ITV Hub on my phone between the second half and extra time. I wonder how effective it's been

  • I can't help but think it was a missed opportunity not advertising on actual ITV yesterday, rather than ITV hub, they were reporting viewing figures of around 22m last night, that would have been huge exposure

  • @Wolves_Ay_We And expense fella...

  • @Robert-W

    I accept that it would have been expensive, but worthwhile.

    I feel the major stumbling block to the football index becoming mainstream, is lack of trust in the product.

    The first thing everyone says when I tell them about the football index is 'sounds like a scam' or 'that's a pyramid scheme' ...

    I don't appreciate these half truths about national tv advertisements.

    We will be advertising on itv, in between England games (but only on the itv hub, which most sports fans won't be using, as they prefer to watch game live, not 3 minutes behind, especially if you have a bet on the match)

  • @Robert-W said in National TV Advertising:

    @Wolves_Ay_We And expense fella...

    I completely get that it would have been expensive, but most definitely worth it, 22 million people watched that match if only 1% of people signed up, then that's 220,000, the exposure would have been huge, missed opportunity for me

  • No sign of 220,000 people signed up.

    Also, did it advertise the Android app? If it did, wonder how many went looking for it and didn't find it.

  • @johnboywalker said in National TV Advertising:


    The first thing everyone says when I tell them about the football index is 'sounds like a scam' or 'that's a pyramid scheme' ...

    First thing I get when I tell people is laughed at! "Penny stocks," "waste of time", "how much did you make today 3p?!"ect. People are use to seeing big returns from football bets. They may not actually win the bet, but the fact there a potential to turn £5 into £50 is a much bigger draw for most people.

    Personally I love FI. Adds a little extra excitement to football when I know my players are playing.

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