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  • Hi All,

    I keep here it being mentioned about a national TV advert campaign being potentially done by FI. Do we know if this is true or any further details? ie. timescales, channels, etc......

  • I heard a while back that there will be adverts in between the England games. Assuming itv?

  • Multi million pound advertising campaign details to be released in next few days

  • okay. if that is true, surely that would see the single biggest influx of new signups ever seen on FI? (obviously depending on channel, timeslots etc....)

  • They announced they are on ITV for all england games

  • @Noirx4 no, its a new and much bigger one as far as I could see on twitter (post of Adam,). It will be published on the FI Worldcup party he wrote. It will bring FI to a new level i guess......

  • okay thanks all. dont mean to sound skeptical but why isnt a bigger deal being made of this? the WC has started already, and like i say in theory this should be huge for the index?

  • @NewUser115892 what do you expect? Do you expect players are wearing shirts with FI written on it? Fi is already everywhere. In the subway, magazin, bus, tv, radio,..... FI is growing really fast as far as i can see....

  • On adam coles twitter there was a tweet a while back about a meeting he had at sky that went really well. Maybe tomorrow nights news is to do with that.

  • @NewUser123670 that would be hugh indeed. I just read that sky uk had 2017/2018 in average 820.000views per game. I imagine during the world cup this figure will double at least. So thats really hugh for Fi and for all of us - if they publish this deal.

  • @NewUser38991 like i say i am not being skeptical. i have seen great returns in the 6 months since joining, so can see how fast it is growing. i think mr cole and the boys have done a great job so far.
    my angle is........i am pondering investing further into here in the next few days and if i knew for sure the TV ad campaign was going ahead, that would give me confidence to do so. and i am sure many more would. so therefore they would get twice the benefit, i.e. current users plunging more in in anticipation of an influx of new users, and secondly the uplift from the new users themselves. i am on this forum everyday, and have only seen it mentioned in passing. surely this could be a game changer?
    out of interest.........where do they advertise on TV currently? just because i havent seen it anywhere.

  • @NewUser115892 I would imagine it will be for next season. He mentioned a positive meeting with Sky at the Bham meet but we'll know for sure tomorrow. They aren't advertising on TV currently but they have done in the past. You are right it will be a massive game changer. I'm confidently loading up as best I can in anticipation of this huge advertising campaign and also the next share split. The future's looking pretty damn good : )

  • @NewUser115892 They have a deal to advertise before 10 WC games and all England group games. So it’ll be somewhere, even if we don’t see it.

  • @NewUser115892 SKY DEAL CONFIRMED FOR SEASON 2018/2019! What a milestone !!! We should all be glad that we are invested in such an early stage !

  • @NewUser38991 I know. If we hold on things may go up big time.

  • @NewUser38991 said in National TV Advertising:

    @NewUser115892 SKY DEAL CONFIRMED FOR SEASON 2018/2019! What a milestone !!! We should all be glad that we are invested in such an early stage !

    Are there any details of what it will actually be

  • @NewUser60527

    Indeed. This is one gripe I have, finding out news about them. They really need to put more news the FootballIndex site.

  • @Denny you just need to follow footballindexuk and Adam Cole on twitter. Then you are always up to date.....

  • @NewUser38991
    How about if I don't use twitter though? I've stubbornly never been a twitter user and don't really want to start.
    FI should be self sufficient, not rely on other platforms for anything (and I include things like having to use edge or noirx for historical data in that statement lol)

  • @Safri15 I had exactly the same view as you about twitter, same really too about Facebook. I have succumbed to twitter but just made it so I can't be found be people who may know me. Like to look at the articles and I find it can be very good at keeping up to date, but this way I don't have to chat with people I know etc. Just put your name as more simple and set your privacy settings to not being found etc.

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