Undervalued PSG Player

  • Lucas Moura is trading at 58p.
    This Brazilian midfielder aged 25 is currently suffering with an ankle injury and has yet to make an appearance this season.In the past 4 seasons he has made over 138 appearances for PSG scoring 33 goals.He has improved his goals tally every season.He is a player with great potential and as soon as he is fit i have no doubt he will play for PSG.He could also be of interest come January transfer window.I would like to invest myself but due to his recent drop in price he is in risk of the drop from the team.Looking at some of the low end players on the team list he is a sound investment compared to John Terry,Perez,Januzaj,ings for eg.

  • not sure he'll get much playing time. what with Neymar and Mbappe soon to arrive. your only chance is if he moves during the transfer window, by then he'll be off the radar.

  • I strongly believe he will get play time as he has been integral to PSG over the past seasons at an average of over 30 games a season.He returns from injury very soon.Mbappe will be challenging cavani position more than anything.

  • Mbappe, Cavani, Di Maria,


    Mbappe, Cavani, Neymar

  • di maria,mbappe,neymar

  • Neymar, Cavani (Mbappe/Moura)
    Di Maria, Verrattie

    He'll be competing with Mbappe for starting place. If he does start then he'll represent value. But you also have to assume he'll socre more points then Neymar and Cavani for striker position.

  • At his age a transfer away is likely if he is not getting the game time, maybe to the prem, which mitigates risk somewhat if your happy to hold the future for a while. Not a bad buy at the 53p he is currently at but I wouldn't sink masses of capital into him.

  • I'd steer clear- if things stay as they are, he'll get relegated. Then your investment will equal a big fat 0.

  • Competing with Neymar every match and messi/lewandowski/ronaldo/suarez/insigne/mertens etc. most matches - just cannot see him winning PB. Only hope for dividends is if he gets a move to the prem, but as others have said will probably be relegated before then

  • He would be a really good hold if he stayed in the index till Jan but that looks very unlikely. Anyone holding him now is really playing with fire - I sold when he didn't move in the window - annoyingly sounded like Spurs were close.

    If you do hold, you need to monitor very closely and be ready to get rid before Friday.

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