Where do you do your player research?

  • As a newbie I'm interested in where people go to for information on players. MSM sources such as BBC, Sky TV, football 365, newspapers etc are fairly obvious and I've started following a few FI's on twitter. I'd like to identify less obvious sources of information or sources that i've completely missed to help with player stats, transfer rumours etc .

    Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

  • @Muz so there are now 4 options

    1. Indexgain have a feature on an app where you can type a players name in and get his number of buzz wins and dividends (free)

    2. I provide a £1 A month data set which is emailed. Includes all pb and mb scores and wins. All dividends. Goals, gwg, wins, opponents player values.. Filter by player, club, country, age. And a P&L functionality

    3. Footie scout £5 A month same as £1 Possibly with some extras and a swanky web interface

    4. Football index edge £6.49 A month web based tableau interface with graphs on player values, pb scores, dividends

  • No better research than you own mate, take as long as you need to browse articles, stats and transfer rumours until you feel that player fits your portfolio and strategy to make some money on here

  • Once i’ve heard of someone previously unknown to me I check transfermarkt.com for contract expiry and value info, flashscore.com for basic stats and wiki to find out about their early life and if they’re married and have kids or not (it will also tell you if they have siblings with their own wiki articles).

  • I use Transfermarkt and Twitter for rumours and ESPN for stats.

  • @NOIRX4 - pinged you an email for data set.


  • I use Noirx4's spreadsheet, honestly, for £1 a month its a no brainer

    I look for players below the £2 price mark which have historically consistent high PB scores, coupled with a good baseline score, and a highest score of over 220, I've now purchased most of the ones that I have identified from these sheets and most have shown a steady rise over the last few months, and every single one is in the green

    In the last transfer window, I got burned by trying to chase every single rumour and now I just avoid this altogether, my strategy is wait for a good PB score on my current holdings and wait for them to rise

  • @Muz I've looked at the cheap players thread and used players from off there after youtubing them to see if I like them. I have also used FM18 for ideas ha-ha.

  • How do you get personal detailed transaction history in excel format.....is this an email request to customer support?

    I can see the basic transaction history on website but it doesn't have all the fields required.

  • @Muz Yeah, email customer support and they should send it to you

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