• What a tit!

    A wind up merchant at its best, if I was a holder I would get rid sharpish, he got some PB in the World Cup but I would see a big drop coming for him.

    He must have stung a lot of people in the last year with his on/off move.

  • He dropped but is on the rise again.
    I bought at his lowest price and he's up 7p.

    You would be mad to sell now especially with France a certainty to get to the latter stages of this WC.

    Also will he stay or is this a ploy to stop the media circus from disrupting the French squad during the WC?

    Transfer rumours could easily resurface especially if he as expected has a good WC.

  • Why would transfer rumours recirculate, did you see he a stupid video on how he has decided to stay at Athletico called ‘ the decision ‘.

  • @NewUser60527

    He played the media in order to increase his public profile.

    He earned a massive payrise and contract extension.

    He gets to stay at a club he loves and that adores him in return.

    He sounds like a pretty shrewd 'tit' to me.

    I still think he will score well for atletico in terms of pb, and I might even jump on board once everyone else has done ditching/selling.

  • @johnboywalker

    Yeah personally for him yeah great, but from a fans persepctive it’s football taken to an even bigger egotistical level, one day he has a press conference to say he can’t make a decision and then a few days later there is a video about how he is staying.

    Has he ever done well at PB, I’m not sure he has.

  • If people think Griezmann is a bad investment then players like Ronaldo are surely even worse of an investment. As good as Ronaldo still is, both him and Messi are at the ages where they will soon go down hill and when they do their prices will drop heavy and that money will be reinvested into players like Griezmann, Neymar, Dybala etc, the slightly younger crop of superstars.

    He's one of the best 3 year holds IMO. Atletico had a terrible start to the season and he was out of form but the back end of last season shows you what this man is capable of. He scores well and the likely addition of Lemar will only strengthen their Arsenal.

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