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  • Was wondering people's thoughts on Ashley Young.
    Have enough cash to buy around 50 futures and really fancy him for a good WC. Would imagine his starting place is guaranteed and can't see us doing too much defending for 2 of the group games, and we all know how much he likes to get forward. He takes corners and indirect free kicks from the left side as well.
    Seems a bargain at £1.21.
    My only worry is his long term value as he's already had his WC price boost and am unsure if he'll still be in Utd's first team next season.
    Appreciate your views 👍

  • @Safri15 Interesting player. Could be a good PB player but if England play well then his score will probably be beaten by one of the other players who are more likely to get a GWG.

    He's also down as a midfielder (on the website, not sure about the app) so will be competing against the Belgian midfield (de Bruyne, hazard, etc) in the first game and against James Rodriguez in the second game. Not saying he can't win but looks unlikely.

    Without PB I'm not sure he offers much but as you say £1.21 is fairly cheap and I can't see his price going down massively so could be worth a punt.

  • It’s a gamble, Southgate would def pick Rose if he is match fit.

    Young at United could just have a bit part next season, its pretty well known United are rebuilding the defence.

  • @Ozzlebert
    I only use the iOS app and he's a defender on here. If he's a midfielder then I'm definitely out as was hoping clean sheet bonuses as well as his attacking threat would result in good PB's.
    Guess that's this idea out the window then, even though I'm still not really sure if the app or website is the one to go by??

  • @Safri15 he will be a defender then. The app seams to have been updated before the website. Makes it easier for him to win PB, might not be a bad shout short term.

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