Messi PB score

  • I watched the game today against Iceland and am a bit surprised to see Messi has got 175 points for PB. No goals, don't remember him passing that much and OK, he had 11 shots, but I don't think many were on target. Plus the missed penalty so he would have got 195 if you remove that...

    Is there anywhere that shows a breakdown of the points? Or maybe someone knows a website that shows player stats for each game, such as passes and shots?

  • It's linked to opta so maybe on their website.

    I agree with you though I find his score a bit high given his performance, Ronaldo only scored 30 points more yesterday and he got a hat trick

  • Just shows how classy Messi is as a footballer. He had a very poor match, but still delivers a good PB score, probably due to the number of defenders he beat in two, three or four on ones.

  • 11 shots, 9 dribbles, 84.5% pass accuracy

  • @Johar his missed penalty won't remove points because it's only if you miss the goal not if it's saved. In the small print .

  • @Wolves_Ay_We Spot on, that's ridiculous. Is quality of opposition taken into account?...

  • 71 passes and fouled 4 times (20pts) as well all above mentioned.

    Did anyone else see Modric's score jump? Was he given game winning goal?!? Or does a player score 40pts for the goal and an extra 20pts for scoring a pen!?! My understanding is that a penalty should be just 20pts.... should be easier to score from 12 yards ;-D

  • Used stats from and done a rough recalc...

    Passes - 71 = 71 points
    Shots - 11 = 33 points
    Shots on target - 3 = 15 points
    Crosses - 3 = 9 points
    Accurate cross - 2 = 8 points
    Tackle won - 1 = 5 points
    Foul won - 4 = 16 points

    Foul - 1 = -5 points
    Goal conceded - 1 = -5 points

    Total = 147 points

    That doesn't include any giveaway passes, ball recoveries, corners won or total tackles... didn't realise about penalty miss only being missing the target (seems a bit silly to me that one).

    So that's 28 points below what he actually got. Considering Argentina won 10 corners he could have easily won 5/6 of them, as well as earned some more points through a few tackles and recoveries. Maybe it's not beyond the realms of possibility he did get 175, even though he seemed to play poorly!

  • @Noirx4 +5 for a shot on target ;)

  • If Messi was a normal footballer, the world would be raving about his performance yesterday, I thought he was outstanding in a side which is clearly spineless at the back and against an extremely turgid defence unit , just didn't have the luck of the green yesterday and pretty sure if he carries on the same vein in the next few games, things will turn for him.......

    Think the Argie games are going to be good for the neutral to watch.......

  • It's why messi ronaldo and Neymar are so expensive. They boss the PB as well as the MB

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