James Maddison

  • Interested to know why you don't rate the kid @PAT HISCOCK ?

    Very good season for NCFC and at international level for his age. From what i have seen he has his head screwed on and is well focused on a career in the game and not in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons. If he continues to develop at the rate he has been he could be one of the top english midfielders in years to come.

    Probably over priced at £1.90 though.

  • @Muz just don't think he's anything special dele ali is only 6 months older for some perspective

  • @Pat-Hiscock I agree. I also think Mount is a better option. He is 19 so 3 years younger than Maddison and scored 14 league goals in the eredivisie from midfield. He is £1.50ish so cheaper aswell.

  • As a Coventry fan, I bought more shares yesterday. I'm confident he will do well at Leicester and a good chance he will be in the next World Cup with England. Tom Bayliss & Jordan Shipley are the next talents coming through the Coventry academy to look out for. I'm a bit confused by the price drop for Maddison but he has a better chance of playing every week at Leicester.

  • @NewUser139880 how many Leicester players have ever won pb would by my answer ....

  • I am happy Leicester buying Maddison instead of jack grealish . £22 mill for English potential international is good price . So far happy with Leicester signings .

  • @Pat-Hiscock - They've never had Maddison playing for hem before 😜 lol

    @FOF He'll probably be taking all your set pieces next season as well, he's awesome in any dead ball situation.

  • He dives a lot and therefore "wins" free-kicks 😂 4pts a time soon stack up

  • @Safri15 just to ask the obvious question safari, if you think his transfer won't get MB cos of the world cup and you think his price will drop after, why are you holding for 3 years? Why not sell now and pick him up for a good bit less after his transfer Wen his price settles lower?

  • @John-Renwick - I probably should to be fair, but I just find it easier to just ride the waves!! I'm not overly active with trading, and the younger players I think will be good 3 year holds I find it easier to just hold. The price dips but normally goes higher again, if I made the right call on the player anyway lol

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