Best time to sell?

  • Hi all

    The index just keeps going up and up and with more and more people joining I can only see this pattern continuing for a long time.

    For those that have a buy and hold strategy, I assume besides the big media buzz winners like ronaldo neymar etc, you've also got some players in your portfolio that may not be the most expensive but are quality players none the less that will just keep rising and rising..... and bag a bit of buzz along the way. But because the these players don't pay regular dividends and yet continue to go up and up, when do you envisage selling?

    Are you planning to hold out for the 3 years, do you look to guess the dips to sell out and buy back in or do you have a target such as 50 or 100% ROI before selling?

    I have a nicely balanced portfolio with 90% all steadily rising and could easily sell out for a profit today but resist the urge as I can only foresee them rising for the next 12 months onward.

    Be interesting to hear everyone's thoughts

  • You need to keep an open mind. The index wont keep going up infinitely (unless dividends keep rising). Its difficult to answer without more details - you should have a different strategy for each player.

    Any player who isn't playing in the World Cup probably should be shipped out around April . Last year there was a significant shift in money from stable players to transfer speculation players. The World Cup changes that a bit but non World Cup players will probably drop noticeably.

    You need to pre-empt what will cause a player's value to drop.

  • @mike778 My dividend ROI is currently 71.5% p/a. I think there's still a little room for growth ;)

  • @mike778 I agree it won't go up infinitely but I can only see it going up for the long term foreseeable future. As FI grows and grows and continues to advertise, attracting more money and liquidity to the index, the majority of players are gonna rise over the long term.

  • Hi, quick question, I've been signed up for 24hrs and have bought my first bunch of players. Looking through the forums and FAQ's I cant find an answer..... The money I have spent on my players is safe? Locked in on the players I have bought for three years unless I sell them right? If they drop out of the first team, drop in value etc then they will still be mine, just not worth as much? I appreciate any assistance.

  • If they drop out the first time you lose your entire position at zero

  • @Harmonica Also if the player retires you'll lose your investment also.

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