Ronaldo to score 3+ goals today !!

  • after Kane's hat-trick yesterday, there is no doubt that Ronaldo has heard about this and he is not one for sitting back and accepting this.....I can see him getting 3+ goals in this match....he knows how good he is and he wants to make the world know about it !!

    His price is currently at £8.82 and could be close to £9 by the end of the day.



  • @AndyP32
    Are you suggesting that if Kane hadn’t scored a hat-trick yesterday Ronaldo wouldn’t try as hard today? If Portugal lose they’re out. I grant you it’s hard not to expect something special given what we’ve seen so far, and I’m sure banging another 3 today would give his price a kick. I assume you have hundreds of him?

  • @Specksynder We all know that Ronaldo performs well in any match but we witness his unstoppable performances when there is a lot more at stake !! (e.g. Champions League) and like you said Portugal go out if they lose....Mark my Words...."Ronaldo will not let that happen !!"

    Finally, i don't have hundreds of him, only double figures.

  • @AndyP32
    He was crap in the Champions League final though

  • and crap last night!

  • Uruguay next, I cant see Portugal beating them so that’s Ronaldo’s cup over, be interesting to see how much he drops.

  • @NewUser60527 that sounds like something Rio Ferdinand would

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