A date with the FIG. Upcoming Football Index Podcast

  • @The-FIG has kindly invited me to partake in one of his Podcasts over the next couple of weeks and we'd like to know what burning subjects you guys would be most interested in.

    Of course IPO research will be one area I'm happy to chew the fat on and I think it should draw more attention to the forum, the interesting discussions we have on here and promote it's value to newcomers that might think it's all about Twitter.

    So what floats your boat Folks?

  • @Agatello I would like to know about these advertisements for the world cup. I haven't seen one yet we were told there would be some.

  • @HappyLarry59855 I'm sure there's loads of things people would like FI to clarify but the FIG is an independent Podcaster so neither of us will have any answers to subjects out of our control I'm afraid mate.

    So I suppose you could choose a subject like the effectiveness of FI's current marketing strategy and future ideas; although I'm no Marketing Guru even if I do have an opinion on it :-)

  • @Agatello
    I would like to know why you there 😉
    Please tell us how to treble our portfolio values in few months or even better weeks 😂
    Di share the company 3 year plans with detailed figures and the company vision !

    On a more serious note, IPOs and research channels, what to look for when researching players (injury history, contract length, goals ratio (I know you are strict on defenders goals per game), average passes per game and so on would perhaps benefit those new traders and give them a clue on what others are looking for to help them making their own judgment on players price both actual and more crucially potential future ones

  • @Ermejo I often ask myself those exact questions ;-) the UFO will pick me up one I'm sure of it! Hopefully sponsored by FI so the platform can spread across the universe.

    Great subject that one buddy and I'll try and keep that one under 6 hours :-/ haha

  • Nothing I have a burning desire to find out that isn't a technical IT issue, which the FIG probably won't know. But I'm glad you've been asked to go on Agatello. Nice to see some recognition for your contribution to the platform. I'll be looking forward to this one more than the other recent ones.

  • Agatello - great to see you getting a voice.

    Be good to consider when Adam Cole and the management team plan to return monies to seed investors and how that will impact FI traders. Presumably will be either an IPO or a big Gambling company (Betfair) will make a bid that cannot be refused for the concept and 200,000+ account holders.

    Good to muse on what the outcome for FI traders could be...

    Loyalty bonuses? / immediate promotional activity / expansion to grow the business and therefore value of players? Etc


    What is the next evolution / marketing idea to drive the growth of the platform game? Maybe get a couple of ideas from somewhere and raise in the podcast:-
    a) Head to Head PB / MB team selections for FA cup route to £50,000 FI traders award
    b) Regular podcasts / channel bit like Fantasy Football for for FI

    Etc... If you can please get Chalobah into the Podcast as well🤣

  • Keep these coming guys!

  • @Agatello as you've been on the index for a while maybe it would be good to discuss the trends you've seen in the last year. E.g.. how people react to transfer windows. When people tend to jump to the next trend etc

  • Would be interested to discuss how people value players ?

    -via comparable players
    -via anticipated yield

    Obviously answer is all, but how do you prioritise. Maybe discuss one player , value them taking everything into account and why ... realise could be accused of pumping players but would be interesting.

    If there are no increases to dividends, where will the market go price wise ? Where will the price boundaries be, would players continue to grow to points where the dividends do not justify the price. Or would they hit an equilibrium.

    Logically a players price should be centred around future . But this doesnt seem to happen, good players often maintain their price even with low dividends. Will this continue as market matures ?

    If you could increase dividends by approx 20 percent , how would you apportion it.

    Not necessarily things for the FIG/ ag pod as may want to take a more scouting focused pod but possible future talking points ?

  • @mike778 Very good suggestions there Mike.

    I "think" FIG tends to avoid player discussions for the pumping element as you say but I'm more than happy for him to put me on the spot and pluck a player out of thin air for quick analysis if he's happy to do that.

    We defo hit on the other points you mention for sure. :-)

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