What Topics do you want to hear discussed on the Podcast? What videos content are you keen to see?

  • Little post just trying to gauge what topics people want to hear discussed on the pod!

    Also, if there's anything else that you'd like me to go in depth on via a video, please also let me know

  • @The-FIG - Couple of ideas that I discuss with FI buddies that would love to hear a different view on:

    • Will the 'young player' bubble burst
    • The next trend to significantly impact the market
    • The best players not yet on the Index
    • Repositioned players - and who could be next!

    Hope that's the sort of topic you are looking for!

  • @The-FIG

    If able to it would be good to have an analysis of the impact the WC had on the market both in general and a bit more specific to the WC players prices and fluctuations (subject to cover after the WC ends offcourse)
    It would be also useful to compare it to a normal summer/end of season for new traders to know what happens during the 2 months nobody is kicking a ball about in terms of player price drops as people momentarily take money out / transfer rumours prices behaviour and so on

  • With the various stat products out there now (noir, edge, scout) maybe do something on stat techniques. SOTD asked an interesting question on twitter about which player is best ,myabe twist that to a bigger scale so if players had following over say a season.

    Player A - 2 scores over 230 and otherwise nothing and average of 50. Two PB wins

    Player B - 10 scores over175 with no PBs and an average of 95

    And ask who would they buy if that is all you had to go on. With it depends not being a valid answer. And also maybe try and value them in that was all you had to go on ... maybe add they are both say 24.

  • Scope for other indices- I've heard rumours of tennis & golf, but do you think there's enough scope to branch out into non-sport?
    Rumours are AC tried it with celebrity news but moved away from it. Think that'd open up the market to a lot of non-sports people, who then join this one due to it being a 'sister' company.

  • @Jay-Frazz Thanks man! That's really helpful, some really interesting stuff there.

  • @Ermejo Interesting stuff mate, I quite like the discussion about the dynamic of the market when WC ends- particularly as so many traders have never experienced a transfer market properly!

  • @mike778 Hey that's an awesome idea bud. Maybe one I can get SOTD himself to discuss on the podcast when he next comes on?

  • @CleanShirtTrader Yep, I think it was attempted and didn't work too successfully. Happy to cross-compare FI with other interesting digital products, but also chat about NBA/NFL/Tennis indexes.

  • Maybe at what level the prices would need to get to before a dividend increase happened, or maybe not even prices, maybe a certain level of investment from traders on a daily basis to cover a lift in dividends.

  • @John-Renwick Interesting topic of subject. This is maybe something I'll cover with traders to understand what % returns they'd be happy with over the course of a year, but then more importantly with the guys over at FI about whether or not we actually plan to see any dividend increases.

  • @The-FIG couldn't have said it better myself. Would b good to know what level of return would mean people would remove their investment.

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