Buzz points system - just wierd!

  • I see today that Lindelof's WAG got him 140 buzz points where as Chelsea failing to meet the £70m valuation for James Rodriguez was worth 20 points, hmmm... thoughts anyone?

  • @LukeRiley For me this probably the biggest road block in the FI progression, and why I think opta buzz will significantly improve the Index. There's just so many people that don't understand how the buzz is calculated every day, and the buzz is the main focus around the market. FI need to sort it out once and for, making it simple to understand and give clarification. Along with this improvement combined with opta buzz... FI has no limits.

  • I completely and totally agree. Opta buzz is something every football fan can understand. There are so many fantasy football players out there who enjoy picking a team filled with guaranteed points scorers but also some 'wildcards' who they hope will go under the radar and pick them up some valuable points in addition. When Opta buzz is introduced it will allow traders to make cash from their football knowledge, what could be better than that!?

  • @Plasticryan i dont understand how it all works, i would assume that as lindelof is the main story of the day he would make money plus hes top of the buzz chart but hes losing me money and gareth bale for some reason is gaining me money. Can you explain at all would really help me out

  • @NewUser15330 If you have shares or 'futures' in Lindleof then at the moment the only way you are going to 'lose' money is if the current share price is less than what you bought your shares at. Lindleof has been consistently winning the buzz at the moment so if you have any shares in him then you should definitely be making some money! I can't really see how you would be making much money on Bale at the moment because recently his share price has dipped and he to my knowledge hasnt had any recent buzz wins? If you're unsure how things work then I would read the rules and watch the tutorial videos which should clarify anything you're currently not sure about....

  • The price of a player is dictated by other traders activity. So if lot of people buy a player his price will rise but on the otherhand if more people sell the player his price will fall.

    With victor lindof (misspelled) most experienced traders are expecting his price to drop significantly once his transfer is confirmed. So the dip it price was probably due to traders cashing out early before the mass exodus