Danny Ings

  • Strong rumours of Ings to leave Liverpool for more game time - thoughts of investing (at circa 76p) given a potential bidding war and may re-find some form?

  • I heard palace wanted him

  • Chances of MB off the back of this are slim to none, he needs to pretty much double in price before he's eligible

    However, if he becomes a regular somewhere else it obviously increases his chance of PB, I'd be interested to see where he ends up and may well invest myself

  • Just bought a 100 myself. Can't help thinking he will probably move to another premier league club and if that's the case he will be a bargain at the moment.

  • I was speaking with people about this a day or two ago. He's already had his spike from these rumours. But having a look at who he's linked with, Palace and Newcastle I feel won't do much for his price at all, he'll level out roughly where he is the now unless he starts off with a flurry of goals. I saw a small link to inter which could potentially see a big rise with being in a stronger team andhavingchampions league football if he's a starter. I saw some weak links to the bundesliga (so weak they dont say exactly which teams) and if he went to a top bundesliga team he could again see a good price rise depending on who it is and if he's a starter. So I feel if he stays in the premiership with Palace or Newcastle it cud be the worst thing for his price in my opinion. But like anyone, form anywhere should see him rise.

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