Mane and Coutinho best buys?

  • Ok so I have both these players but this isn't an attempt to encourage people to buy so my shares increase, I haven't bought these players for that just long term dividend potential. Stop me if I'm wrong but these two have everything you could want right?

    Mid twenties so they'll be around for seasons at the highest level

    Both playing at the World Cup

    Both playing in Champs league

    Both (sorry Liverpool fans) I can see being linked to elite uber rich clubs in the next transfer windows. Lots of MB

    Both are high scoring mids and play for a team who'll win most of their games so have a high chance of collecting PB

    Considering this I think their buy in ie share price is still very reasonable. Anyone disagree? Im still learning would love to know

  • They're too of my top pics also - Mane has been superb recently & Coutinho is a buzz constant of course. Pogba also without the transfer spec - though i'm worried about buying French attacking players after Luxembourg!

  • Both players look a fair price imo. And Mane's impact at the World Cup will likely be weak as Senegal are aren't a great team and may not even qualify.

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