Could the index reduce dividends

  • Am sure this is unlikely(we'd like to go up😊) but do they have the power to change platform to the cost of there customer's? ie dividend reduction. ..they seem to be able to do anything they want..

  • They want to tempt new customers, not scare them so why would they do this? Why do people keep starting so many pointless new topics?

  • @Don-keyballs said in Could the index reduce dividends:

    Am sure this is unlikely(we'd like to go up😊) but do they have the power to change platform to the cost of there customer's? ie dividend reduction. ..they seem to be able to do anything they want..

    Why on earth would they do this? The model in place is clearly designed to be cash generating once active membership reaches a certain level. A reduction in dividend would tank the market and put their plans in disarray.

    Can't resist but ask what else they have done to make you say that they seem to be able to do what they want? Particularly as there has been no significant change since they DOUBLED the performance dividends not long after introducing them...

    My initial reaction was to ask whether you might consider deleting your comment altogether. But this is an open forum and everyone entitled to their opinion. I'm no fan boy desperate to defend FI at every opportunity (I have a long snagging list belive me), but I can't fathom your reasoning and motive tbh.

  • Not without doing an equal reduction in prices to keep it even. I've vented about this on a previous thread so I won't get into it again. But Changing dividends without equally altering player prices would surely be against the theory that each bet is placed on a '3 year bet' so it'd be like Ladbrokes changing the odds of a bet after it's been placed but before we know the outcome. Won't see it happening

  • @Stevo u can read yes? As i said unlikely, some of us may want to invest heavily ie 6 figures and I'd like to know what assurances there are cheers ....your more than welcome to move on past my posts no one is asking for your opinion

  • @John-Renwick am sure it won't happen but if someone wanted to invest in this properly 100k plus ad certainly want some assurances that like u say the bet is protected or something ....what happens if they run out of capital or some other issue and uv got 100 thousands + in here...av seen a300k portfolio so its being done.

  • @Pierrey2129 they can lock off the sell button anytime they want this would make me very nervy if I had 100k plus in here . As mentioned this is unlikely but in theory can they do it? I don't think that is an unreasonable question at all infact quite a sensible one. Would u invest 100k without knowing?

  • @Don-keyballs the short answer is yes. They do have the ability.

    All the rules are clearly laid out and I would suggest you read them closely if you are worried about investing £100k. Asking on here is just asking other people who have access to the same information so kind of pointless but to do the work for you....

    This is from the rules section;

    We reserve the right to change or remove any aspect of the Service at any time, including the ability to alter prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions and/or other characteristics of the Bets. Any changes to the Service will explained on the Website, or via the App, or by email using the latest contact details provided by you. Please see “Announcements” section in the Game Rules, which explains how we may announce any future material changes to the Service and/or the Game Rules.

    Pretty standard and obviously this is just to allow them to alter the product. Without this they wouldn't have been able to;

    • Do the earlier share split

    • Add PB

    • Increase dividend after the share split

    • Add the world cup to PB games

    • And many other positive changes that have benefitted users.

    So they have the option to change and have used it to make the product stronger up untill now.

    Ultimately the question you have to ask is 'do I trust FI to make the right decision for the good of the platform?'

  • @Ozzlebert ok cheers .....not sure why everyone so touchy over this subject its just a question ...

  • With investing it's a good question. And remember football index is a limited company , which obviously means limited liability .... but am sure it's safe up and coming and a great investment !! I hope football index becomes global ,

  • Ok rather than starting new thread and have more winging i have another question... does the platform eventually need more loosers to be sustainable? Surely the split must be higher on people making losses for it to continue....if 75% of users are making money how could this continue?

  • IMO dividends are more likely to go up than down

    See here for the reason why...

  • @Dave-C am sure the chances of them going up are higher than them being reduced....but if i was a large investor i would have needed assurances they cannot be reduced or the risk is just to big. ok to play around with few grand but i wouldn't be willing to heavily invest under current rules.

  • They have no intention on reducing dividends whatsoever, it was asked at a meeting and they snapped back asking what was that even a question as they recently had put them up!
    On the other question the simple answer is they don’t need winners or losers as they make money from commissions and spreads so they never lose! A part of their gains is paid out as dividends but if you check out their updates on Seedrs you’ll see they are well profitable
    The gains people are making at the moment are simply due to the platform growing both in terms of investment from current users and the new joiners, the more money go in the platform the more prices rise due to the pricing model
    Growth has been steady and shows no signs of slowing dow, such product has the potential of attracting many more users over the next few years
    If/when growth will stagnate (we are nowhere near that time) you will then see winners and losers

  • @Don-keyballs No, it doesn't need losers unless the amount of money in the index goes down or stagnates.

    If it did go down then you would need people to lose money and these would probably be people that have made loads of money from FI anyway. Also no reason for it to go down unless people try to scare others away with negative forum posts.

    FI are fine as long as comission is above dividend, and if dividends are reinvested (my guess is 90% are) then they are still fine. Which is why people going for sub £1 players and IPO's with little chance of dividends are great for them. Also why they run sweepstakes as realistically people have sold to free up money to get involved. They only need 4000 people to enter everyday to make a profit on the sweepstakes.

    FI isnt perfect, we all have issues we want resloved. There is an inherent risk in all gambling but the base product and idea are great and instead of looking for negatives I think we should be providing new users and people wanting to invest more with as much reassurance, from our own experience, that this is not a scam and is a valid product with a much lower risk of loss than normal odds based gambling. I understand the questions and the reasons for them but you need to understand the reasons people are a little annoyed that a very active member of the forum is posting questions that are both easy to research and potentially off putting for other users.

  • @Ozzlebert as mentioned before this user has disabilities and may need help with a few things. am not sure how u see this as negative post at no point did I say it could or will happen I just want as much info as I can get to make correct choices....

  • @Ozzlebert if anything the negativity is in the answers not the question...

  • I doubt they could as you would need to accept the terms and conditions again - hypothetically then you could refuse to accept them and demand the bet be voided. Should be able to claim your money back - probably not winnings but could claim your stake.

    Not going to happen ... it would wipe out the index so would only be if they were going bust and they arent showing signs of problems. If that was going to happen I am guessing massively rising the spreads would be first up.

  • @Don-keyballs with all respect you posted a question on an open forum so you asked for all our opinions. It's nothing personal mate so I apologise if I came across the wrong way. I think at this point it would be absolute suicide for FI to reduce dividends when they are trying to attract so many new customers with advertising.

    I understand you want assurances when putting so much of your hard earned cash on the line but the fact is none of us know what FI may do in future which is why I made the pointless comment, plus i'd had a few beers when I posted which is never a good idea.

  • @Stevo am just trying to gather as much info as possible, my knowledge is football I know nothing of investing definitely not scaremongering but people's touchy reaction worries me, i was hoping to be told no this cannot happen fill stop.

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