Harry Kane's price to rocket

  • Hi all so I'm thinking of buying 5grands worth of Harry Kane shares this week obviously because of the World Cup run and also thinking he will top the premier league next year with plenty of dividends what's people's thoughts ? I'm buying them anyway but would like to hear people's thoughts

  • @NewUser145896 England have a good chance to get to the semis, that would boost his price for sure, however there is likely to be a drop on England going out. As far as pb next season he will likely get some each time he scores a hatrick with gwg or a brace with gwg but for his price he isn't the best value for money pb wise. If he becomes England's hero in the wc, the media may look more favourably on him next season however historically for MB he is pretty quiet. He last had a little mb run around december 17 when he was on fire but that aside he's been a bit of a damp squib as far as mb in concerned.

    Timing is everything to trade in and out of the above. It could work out very well for you. If the 5k is no more than 10% of your portfolio hold, I think he's a safe long term hold. If it's more, I'd split it around other top players. Assuming Neymar stays at psg and is mostly injury free, I predict a £13 Neymar will deliver a better dividend roi than a £8.50 - £9 harry kane next season. I also predict Neymar's price will rise somewhere between £15 - £20 and Harry may waiver around the £8.50 - £9.75 range unless he wins us the world cup then that could change everything.

  • You could of done with buying him before posting that really haha... im a kane holder and also a big kane fan, the media have tended to stay away from him in the past but so far this world cup they are attracted to him more, and obviously the further we go the more they will bang his drum... if england were to WIN the world cup you’d assume he’d be up there for the golden boot, then who knows what his price could be, hes been £10+ in the not so distant past!!!

  • @NewUser145896 It depends how much money you have. If you have 100k then 5k is fine. If you only have £20k or lower then 5k is too much to invest sensibly in one player. I would buy around 10 to 40 players and invest a fair amount in each. That way you spread the risk and have your eggs in more than one basket.

  • I’d be surprised if Kane doesn’t hit £12 by next Summer. Plus of course he should deliver a minimum of £2 in dividends by then (considerably more if England do make the WC Semi or Final).

    To put things in context, he was circa £5 last Summer!

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