Performance dividend system

  • The system just doesn’t work. Throughout the World Cup I have witnessed sub par performances from the likes of kroos and de bruyne yet they continually get top midfielder points. De Bruyne was awful tonight apart from his involvement in the last minute. How is the system reflecting performance?

  • Gets said all the time... likelyhood is the system wont change so if your wanting dividends you just have to buy into the people that are more likely to win bruyne and sane we’re obviously 2 of the best players in the prem last season, both struggled to rack up dividends that reflect their performances. Im not the system is correct because like you i dont think it reflects true performances at times but im afraid you have just gotta do as best you can with the system how it is.

  • The system is based on facts (OPTA stats) not opinions, the points scoring system is available and not likely to change in the near future, I think is the least of the problems right now and won’t change for next season

  • I think you need to read up how the scoring system works instead of just complaining. The information is available. Play to the system, not against it

  • Yeah if these players can put in 'sub par' performances like you say and win it...figure out who else can and you could make a fortune. They aren't gonna change it now. So figure it out.

  • Do corners count as crosses? De Bruyne took a fair number tonight from what I can remember so that would rack up a good number of points if so.

    I remember I was a bit blown away with the numbers some players were putting up when I viewed them to have a poor game. It's things like fouls won, which for example Neymar cons his way to, which I didn't appreciate but actually make a difference.

    As has been said though I doubt it will change, so just have to make do. I actually think the PB system is pretty good though overall. Would maybe alter a few of the points criteria but that's just me being picky...

  • Yes corners do count as crosses or passes if taken short, in KDB instance he is actually usually penalised (as most attacking minds) by attempting risky passes and losing the ball, 133 is a normally a poor score really however when only 2 games are played as today may just be enough (Kante won with 99 the other day)
    The scoring system could no doubt be improved (just 10 points for an assist!) but it is what is is and won’t change, once aware is as simple as just buy players highly likely to score good PB scores

  • At the end of the day the rules and scoring system is published and has been unchanged since the beginning. I think of it as a game, with set rules and a mountain of data that can be analysed and interpreted in all manner of ways.

    Some go for high baseline, others go for peak scores, others look for potential improvement through player development, or move to a new club, new manager etc. There's lots of ways to try to gain an edge.

    But in every single case, whether someone is a class player or not is largely irrelevant if he doesn't pick up those PB points. KDB for instance is wonderful player but he's as good as you would expect when it comes to PB (and yes, I am aware that he won today...).

    I tied up a lot of capital in the beginning on players that I thought were great players, but who just stagnate and yield very little. Just one of those things, either you get on board of you miss out on a huge part of the index.

  • @Johar what would you change if you could? Just outta curiosity?

  • I'd like to see Goal Keepers somehow become more valuable for PB. My early view as a newbie is they seem to be the dead duck of FI.

  • @John-Renwick
    Assists should be worth more I think. Also would change the 'giveaway pass' to just general loss of possession. Would maybe add an 'aerial duel won' criteria too potentially but not 100% sure about that one...

    Also think that a 'Man of the Match' award might be a possibility. I spoke about how good Hazard was against Brazil, yet his PB score wasn't great on the other thread and think it's wrong that someone can play so well and not get any recognition just because he didn't complete as many passes, for instance, as another player.

    I agree with some on here that goalkeepers should have here own PB section so that they become more involved in the Index as a whole. Kinda pointless atm which is a bit sad.

  • @Johar I agree with all of those ideas except man of the match. It's too open to opinion, you'd need a set system on how it's chosen that's fair for all... Which is what the point scoring system is...
    But I completely agree with the rest of it.

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