Amine Harit

  • I'm hoping those who have chosen to buy him over the last couple of days have done their research and are not just thinking they're getting a bargain after he dropped 30p - his price has dropped due to being arrested over causing death by dangerous driving, early reports say he tried to flee the scene and has had his passport taken.

    If people are speculating that he'll be released without charge I'd call it ballsy!!

  • I wondered why he had dropped in price. Had a quick google and soon realised. Bought a few nevertheless at £1.11 and he has gone up since Sunday but will be keeping an eye out as to whether he will be charged or not. Going to have to catch it right.

  • I hold him, noticed a bit of a dive so had a quick look. Shocking story and he is a silly, silly boy. Gotta feel for the victim and their family and friends.

    Haven't sold and he has recovered slightly but I'll be honest, don't know what to do with my holding as this may well end up bad for the lad.

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