• Looks like hes going to Citeh. Is he actually going to get much game time there?

  • @Muz

    I'd hope so if they are paying £75 million for him!

    Providing his attitude is right in training, I imagine Pep will play him a lot

  • Name who’s place he is taking...........

    For me he’s a bench warmer.

  • Looks like holding onto him for 4 months was worth the wait !!! he was at a big loss in my portfolio until today :-)

  • Bet Foden is over the moon about him coming ;)
    Will they loan him out?

  • @NewUser60527

    I'd look at it the other way. Name an attacking midfield player currently at Man City who's better than Mahrez?

    1. De Bruyne

    That's about it.

    David Silva has been brilliant, but is coming to the end of his career.

    Phil Foden has talent, but is unproven at Premiership level.

    Raheem Sterling is poor and needs 5 or 6 clear cut chances just to score 1 goal. Plus he's more of a forward than an attacking midfielder anyway.

    All the other attacking midfielders are rank average players, who look good in all conquering Man City side, managed brilliantly by Pep. But hand on heart, how many of those players would stand out if playing for Leicester? Answer = none.

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