Holding more than 100 of a player....

  • Hey Guys

    I know it depends on how much you have to invest and also it depends on how much profit you want to make but there are just some players that are not sold off from your portfolio completely....in fact the amount you hold of certain players keeps growing due to potential PB and MB returns !!

    There are four players in my portfolio which i hold more than 100 of, i wont reveal them here as it may cause a stir in this thread :-)

    Maybe holding only 10 of each player is enough for some traders but let's hear your thoughts on holding large quantities of certain players....



  • I tend to buy 10 most I've ever bought is 20.

    I would rather by 10 futures in 5 players than 50 in one so that I spread my risk.

    I'm not a big player so at the moment 10 to 20 suits me fine

  • I've held 1,000+ futures in some low value players previously (the only way to make serious money off a circa 50p player), but it was a nightmare to sell up.

    Instant sell devalues your holding every time you sell 100 and trying to drip feed 1,000+ futures selling to the market takes many weeks or months.

    Now I rarely buy more than 100 futures in any player and try to stick to higher value MB and PB players.

  • @AndyP32 I appreciate some people can't afford to buy large multiples of players but for me if you pick the right ones it is far more profitable than buying small amounts of loads of different players. I admit that for the majority of my players I have 100 but for some I have way more. The most being 1000.

    I used to have 1000 of Emil forsberg. Made a decent profit of him but looking at today's events I wish I'd kept hold until the WC.

    Having said that I'll never disappointed with any kind of profit made.

  • Don't really care how many I hold I usually decide on my risk in £ terms so for example if I decide to risk £200 on a player I'll get as many as my £200 allows

  • I’m moving to a more focused strategy. Find a player confident will go up and buy a lot of shares rather than spreading the money over several players.

    Currently my largest holding is 300, but would happily go over that if I find a player I’m confident in and have the funds to afford.

  • I tend to hold between 100 and 400 shares in players atm. But I have quite a large portfolio. Tbh I think it's about a balance of number of different players and amounts of player you want to hold.

    Do you diversify - many players small holding
    Pro - more likely to pick up regular dividends
    No deflation of value when trying to sell off
    Easier to exit holding
    Con - dividend payputs are regular but small
    Harder to track portfolio if someone suddenly drops

    Go all in - few players many shares
    Pro - dividend payputs when they occur will be large
    Easy to track
    Growing players will lead to big green numbers which is comforting

    Con - dividend payputs may be less frequent
    Hard to fully exit a player
    More at the whim of market forces (wild swings)

    For me the first type is more like investing and the second type is more like betting but that's just my view.

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